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Bobbi DePorter

Bobbi DePorter, teen and accelerated learning expert, has changed the lives of over five million kids through her SuperCamp and Quantum Learning school programs. SuperCamp is a learning and life skills summer program with more than 56,000 graduates in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America. Quantu...

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Michelle Tennant


11/29/2010 04:09pm
Elite Summer Program Equips Students for Lifelong Success

Students today face distractions like never before. Over-scheduled extracurricular activities, an onslaught of digital entertainment options and ubiquitous peer pressure to go along with the crowd all conspire against academic excellence.

How can we beat the "excellence deficit" facing America? Many parents give their kids an edge for success by enrolling them in SuperCamp's elite summer enrichment programs. Using proven accelerated learning techniques, SuperCamp boosts students' confidence, motivation and self-esteem, empowering them to earn better grades and have better communication and relationships with family and peers.

The 7- to 10-day intensive residential camps are held across the United States and abroad for students from grade 6 through college. Students come away with powerful life skills to help them succeed in school, college, careers and all areas of life.

SuperCamp is the only camp that teaches and models the 8 Keys of Excellence — character development principles developed by teen motivation expert Bobbi DePorter. Bobbi founded SuperCamp in 1982, creating the nation's first learning and life skills academic summer program. More than 56,000 students have graduated from SuperCamp.

Today SuperCamp is needed more than ever to equip teens to overcome the myriad of distractions, pressures and stresses they face and transform them into confident, enthusiastic lifelong learners, Bobbi says. She has written more than a dozen books on education, including The Seven Biggest Teen Problems and how to turn them into Strengths (An Insider's Look at What Works with Teens).

"Every parent knows that their child can be more no matter where they are academically," Bobbi says.

SuperCamp has been proven to help all students, whether they make straight As or Cs and Ds, improve their motivation, grades, confidence and social skills. A survey of more than 6,000 graduates found 73 percent improved their grades, 81 percent developed more confidence and 91 percent continued to use the skills they learned at SuperCamp.

A key to SuperCamp's success is its engaging, energetic and enthusiastic staff. These expert facilitators model the skills and positive character traits that they teach, allowing them to connect and build trust with teens. They use proven accelerated learning methods, including "mini-success moments" that build students' confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

"So much of what we do is helping build kids' confidence, creating mini-success moments, getting them to go outside their comfort zones, helping them determine what their learning style is," Bobbi says. "All of these things relate back to building more motivation in teens, and ultimately that leads to success in school and then other aspects of their life."


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