Pitchrate | “Just Went Pro” New Single by TreDice Debuts on Facebook and Youtube

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Alean Elston

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11/29/2010 01:57am
“Just Went Pro” New Single by TreDice Debuts on Facebook and Youtube

Jersey bred Hip-hop artist TreDice releases the first single from his upcoming December/January mixtape, The Superman Tragedies part II.

Responding to industry insight, feedback, and music enthusiasts, independent recording artist TreDice is preparing to release his upcoming mixtape. “The Superman Tragedies Part II” is projected to be released online in December 2010 or early January 2011.

Hailing from New Jersey, TreDice is hybrid of a Conscious rapper, a Pure Lyricist, an “All About the Benjamins” artist, and a Storyteller. His music tells the story of the lifestyle of a man most people can identify with. The effects of decisions made about people in his life, the growing pains, the constant grind and dedication to doing better and better in music, women, inspirations and of course about being fresh while doing it all.

In other news, TreDice is gearing up to participate in the “Keep Your Feet Movin’– Dropout is Not an Option Tour” – a national tour along with Motivational Speakers Alvin Perry and Alfred Blake geared towards inspiring African-American youth to continue on with their goals in life and to continue with higher educational pursuits.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release (or for interviews, high quality promo photo or mp3), contact Alean Elston Marketing/PR or Check out TreDice on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tredice and follow him on twitter @TreDice

About TreDice:
TreDice’s love for hip-hop serves as his foundation, and basis for reputable music. His main objective is to produce honest and good music while uplifting his listener. TreDice opened up for the teen sensation Soulja Boy who catapulted to stardom with his song "Crank that Superman." TreDice is the designer of an urban clothing line that has appeared on celebrities such as Bre(ANTM), Teyana Taylor, and more. He is also a motivational speaker, music artist, clothing designer, and Co-founder of I Am Multi LLC. His sole wish is to uplift the community in which he lives and communities worldwide.

Alean F. Elston, Markeing/PR Manager


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