Pitchrate | The Reintroduction of Dave Cirino: Back to His Music like He Never Left

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Alean Elston

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11/29/2010 01:59am
The Reintroduction of Dave Cirino: Back to His Music like He Never Left

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The Reintroduction of Dave Cirino: Back to His Music like He Never Left

R&B Recording Artist and Producer, Dave Cirino, returns to reissue “Spaceman” featuring new bonus videos.

New York, NY November 2, 2010 – Responding to popular demand, Purple Fox Digital recording artist Dave Cirino is preparing to reissue his EP entitled SpaceMan. It will be reissued in an expanded version that will include 3 new videos in late 2010 or early 2011, announced today.

Cirino personally supervised all aspects of the SpaceMan reissue. The reissued EP, aside from the new tracks, also includes a special "Day in the Life of Dave Cirino" a special short film featuring the Mr. Cirino made specifically for his fans. The film, produced solely for the re-release, is currently in pre-production, with a premiere date to be announced shortly.

The reissue of SpaceMan marks the coming of a new album by Cirino. It’s also the dawn of a new era for Cirino. Retuning with a new website, DCFresh.com (coming soon), new logo, and new image for his upcoming album, the reintroduction of Mr. Cirino is one you will remember.

About Dave Cirino and SpaceMan:
The concept of SpaceMan is one of change. The inspiration for that change came to Dave in a dream. He dreamed of flashing lights, aliens, planets and melodies. He interpreted this as confirmation for the music he had been creating; different. Set apart. He decided to run with this and the dream of Spaceman became a reality.

SpaceMan was produced exclusively by Statle and written and performed by Dave Cirino. The album was also exclusively mixed by Dave Cirino with assistant engineering by H.I.T.S. It was mastered by the award winning Dave Locke from North Carolina. For those who purchase SpaceMan you will be blessed with a breath of fresh air, a light to the dark tunnel of music. SpaceMan is available on iTunes and iTunes Japan through exclusive licensing with Aperture Music.

To keep up with Dave:
Follow Dave Cirino on twitter: @DaveCirino
and Like him on Facebook: facebook.com/DaveCirino

Alean F. Elston, Marketing/PR manager
http://www.DCFresh.com (coming soon)


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