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Fran Bishop

Fran Dean Bishop is an award winning business coach and CEO with 20 years in the health management industry. She founded Aerobodies Fitness Company, (now AFC Management Services), in 1994 as a corporate service provider of health promotion, fitness management and behavior change programs for the pri...

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AFC Management Services

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11/14/2014 12:36am
How Busy Families Stay Connected

Between homework, weekend activities, grocery shopping, and the work commute, you barley have time to breathe (let alone think). You’re so busy keeping everyone’s plates spinning that experiencing real, meaningful connections with your kids often falls by the wayside.
If the quality family time you crave seems harder and harder to come by, and work-life balance seems like just a pipe dream, it may be time to revisit your ‘why.’
Remember the Big Picture
Everyone is focused on getting it done. But what is the purpose of doing, doing, doing? Do you ever stop to think about WHY you’re doing it all in the first place?
Most people are running themselves ragged for a very good reason – to support and care for their family and loved ones.
If you’re constantly frazzled and stressed, it’s probably because you’ve lost sight of the big picture, otherwise known as your personal ‘why.’
When that happens, it’s crucial to step away from the business of doing, and focus on why you’re doing it all in the first place.
Focus on Connections
You can’t grow and maintain authentic connections with your kids if you don’t have an authentic connection with yourself.
Creating a strong work-life balance begins on a personal level – it starts with you. The more balance you’re able to create within yourself, the deeper your relationships will be with your kids. Balance is an internal phenomenon that radiates outwards and positively impacts everyone in its path – but it has to start with you.
But getting in touch with yourself and connecting with your family is only possible when you…
Replenish Your Life
The holiday season is a time to replenish the energy that’s been exerted throughout the year. It’s also a time to make small, positive changes that can be carried over into the new year. It’s much more effective – and much more replenishing – to set small, achievable goals and meet them, than it is to make big, sweeping changes come January.
Replenish what’s been lost by nurturing yourself and your family with good nutrition, exercise, and activities that have nothing to do with school or work.
Build a Legacy
The greatest gift you can give your kids is a legacy of connection and inspiration. By pursuing activities together outside of work and school, you’ll demonstrate the importance of simply being together and having fun.
You’ll also set an example by putting yourself and your health first while inspiring your kids to do the same.


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