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Fran Bishop

Fran Dean Bishop is an award winning business coach and CEO with 20 years in the health management industry. She founded Aerobodies Fitness Company, (now AFC Management Services), in 1994 as a corporate service provider of health promotion, fitness management and behavior change programs for the pri...

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10/20/2015 04:01pm
How to Reduce the Cost of Employee Health Insurance

file:///C:/Users/SSJZUB~1/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/02/clip_image002.jpg‘Tis the season for workplace wellness!
The holidays will be here before you know it, and as Halloween quickly turns into Thanksgiving, the open enrollment period for health insurance will begin for 2016.
From November 1st, 2015 through January 31, 2016, your employees will be thinking about their health insurance options, which in turn will make them think about their overall health.
Open enrollment is a great time to give your employees new and better options for monitoring, maintaining, and improving their health both in and out of the workplace.
In addition to operating a workplace fitness program and dedicated fitness center, it’s important to give your employees ample options for preventative healthcare.
By offering biometrics screenings and other health tests, you’ll be able to help your employees be more proactive about their health while preventing costly medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
Basic biometrics screenings include things like…
· Finger prick tests for diabetes
· Blood pressure tests
· Cardiac tests
· Flexibility tests
· Strength tests
These tests serve as a biometrics baseline, and can be much more involved and complicated depending on the needs of your employees and your company. For example, many of our clients choose to do in-depth executive evaluations where we perform full-day screenings with a dedicated trauma unit. The more in-depth the data you collect, the more effective your workplace wellness program can be.
Besides effective exercise programs and workplace wellness options, biometrics screenings and other health tests are the #1 way your company can reduce its health insurance spend.
Just 15 to 20% of the population contributes to the highest health care costs. These costs include the treatment of more serious, chronic or life-threatening conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
Because many of these conditions can be prevented with early screenings and interventions, catching them early is critical, both for the wellbeing of your employees and the wellbeing of your budget.
In order to reap the benefits of biometrics screenings, it’s crucial to find and work with an experienced company that performs these types of screenings regularly. In most cases a team of healthcare professionals will be brought in to administer the appropriate tests. No matter the size of your business, facilitating a company-wide biometrics screening is a big undertaking with a lot of moving parts. In order to administer the tests properly, organize the collected data, and incorporate needed changes into your wellness program based on the test results, you must work with a company well-versed in biometrics screenings and their application.
AFC Management provides biometrics screenings of all types to companies large and small. In our experience, these types of tests, when accurately designed to reflect and analyze the specific needs of your company, are the #1 way to reduce instances of disease, improve employee health, and prevent excess health insurance expenditures.
When combined with a strong workplace wellness program and engaging fitness options, biometrics screenings becomes a powerful tool for improving the long-term wellbeing of your employees and your company.

Are you paying too much for employee health insurance? Are you concerned about conditions like diabetes and heart disease contributing to more sick days and insurance payouts for your employees? If you’re ready to take control of employee wellness at your company, a biometrics screening is the perfect place to start. FIND OUT MORE about conducting a biometrics screening at your company by scheduling a free consultation with the experts at AFC Management. Email Fran at franb@afmsco.com or call (866) 659-3400.


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