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Cassie Fuller

I’m Kinky Cassie, a kink and intimacy expert and educator who strengthens relationships through deeper intimacy and clearer communication. My mission is to help people gain confidence in the relationships they have with their partners and themselves so that they can feel more freedom to enjoy the...

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02/12/2015 07:09pm
The People You’re Talking about Fifty Shades of Gray Don't Know a Flogger from a Blindfold

With Fifty Shades coming in theaters there’s a lot of talk about BDSM! You can't go anywhere without hearing or seeing the word kink. The problem? Most of the information available is incomplete, inaccurate, and comes from those who have little or no knowledge on BDSM.

Kinky Cassie (Cassie Fuller) is kink and intimacy expert and educator who has been teaching and presenting on various sex and kink-related subjects, such as non-monogamy, sexual techniques, and how to keep your sex life healthy after children since 2008. She is the co-founder of Touch of Flavor, an adult education company that produces online and live classes, workshops and conferences that teach consenting adults relationship skills, sex techniques and how to engage in BDSM activities safely. As an outspoken, bisexual, polyamorous, kinky, dominant female, she able to give credible advice from a broad perspective. She has been an active member in the BDSM community for over ten years and doesn't just talk the talk but actually lives the lifestyle.

Kinky Cassie is regularly tapped as a sex, intimacy, and kink expert by the media. She has been seen in articles in Ozy, Women's Health, Men's Health, The Examiner, the Edge, Cafe Mom, Brain World, Medical Daily, Your Tango and MTV's Guy Code. She has also been a guest on radio shown, podcasts, and TV news.

Your customers are looking for their Fifty Shades of Gray facts, so give them the information they need from a real BDSM lifestyle resource who can give you the accurate information you need factual information while still providing you with interesting, fun, and light-hearted, content that is appropriate for YOUR fan base.

To schedule an interview or request content for your article or blog you can contact Cassie at 877-894-5319 x901. Or, if you prefer, you can contact Kinky Cassie via the web.


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