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Steve Alten

Steve Alten is a NY Times and international best-selling author of 16 novels, including the MEG series, about Megalodon, the 70-foot prehistoric Great White shark. MEG was just greenlit as a major motion picture by Warner Bros. Alten is also founder and director of Adopt-An-Author, a nationwide free...

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06/13/2015 12:22pm
Why I Believe in UFOs… and You Should, too.

Why I Believe in UFOs… and You Should, too.
by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten
On Saturday December 14th back in 2013 my wife and I saw our first UFO. It was just after 11 PM and we were driving home from the movies. We had just turned into our neighborhood when I looked up and saw these incredible amber lights moving in staggered pairs from south to north across a cloudless night sky. They weren’t traveling fast or at a very high altitude - maybe five hundred to a thousand feet, and they were whisper-quiet. I pulled over and my wife and I got out of the car and watched them continue about another mile before they disappeared into the ether and were gone.
This event was not an accident. In two nights we were scheduled to have dinner with the man responsible for this incredible encounter.
The subject of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and UFO sightings is both an emotional and logical one. Logical because there are millions of stars in our galaxy possessing billions of planets and it defies all mathematics (not to mention science) that our Earth is somehow the only populated pebble that grew slime on the beach. The problem for most of us not living in trailer parks south of the Mason-Dixon Line is the emotional side of the issue. If we accept the fact that we are not alone in the universe then we must also recognize that there are far smarter beings out there (the slower ones, like us, having not yet resolved zero-point energy). To travel through trans-dimensional space (propulsion takes thousands of years), our ET neighbors first had to transcend their own primal natures – an issue the human race continues to struggle with on a daily basis.
As an author of science fiction thrillers, I’ve penned many a novel about these issues. However, having hadn’t experienced my own encounter (prior to December 14, 2013) I suppose I still maintained a finger-hold on denial.
Dr. Steven M. Greer changed all that.
Steven Greer left his career as an emergency room physician to dedicate his life to persuade military and government officials to come clean about UFO sightings. Greer knew ETs (never call them aliens, it’s like using the N-word) meant us no harm, but he also knew the military industrial complex had been suppressing extraterrestrial technologies gleaned from crashed ships the army had taken down shortly after WWII. Apparently our foray into atomic bomb detonations had been interpreted as a teenager playing with matches in a pool of gasoline. Between January 1947 and December 1952 the army’s EMS weapon brought down thirteen alien spacecraft; eleven in New Mexico, one each in Nevada and Arizona. Two other crashes occurred in Mexico and one in Norway. Sixty-five bodies were recovered, including one ET that was kept alive for three years!
In 1993, Dr. Greer met with a group of military advisors to find a way to poke holes in the dam of secrecy and disinformation that had obscured the truth about extraterrestrial contacts. Greer and his lawyer used the Constitution to create a legal loophole in the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement signed by all military and civilian personnel with top-security clearances. As a result, Greer was able to convince hundreds of individuals with top-secret clearances who had encounters with UFOs to come forward to testify.
This historic event, known as The Disclosure Project was held on May 8, 2001 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Twenty eyewitnesses, including seasoned Intel and military commanders, pilots, and NASA and FAA officials testified before members of the media. Despite attempts to interrupt the first hour’s transmission of the two hour event, Dr. Greer succeeded in cracking open the window of secrecy that continues to prevent a true societal transformation.
President Bill Clinton tried. Dr. Greer personally briefed James Woolsey, Clinton’s first CIA director, along with the heads of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Head of Intelligence Joint Staff; members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a select number of Congressmen. To his shock, Clinton was denied access to the information. (ETs? Secret bases? Sorry Mr. President, as far as we know, little green men don’t exist). CIA director William Colby, a member of the black ops cabal, agreed to support Dr. Greer’s investigation. A few days later Colby’s body turned up in the Potomac River.
President Obama tried, too. And like Clinton, he was sent a warning. On December 9, 2009 while in Norway to receive his Nobel Prize members of MJ-12 (the powers-that-be which oversees that which does not exist, funded by our tax dollars) fired off a scaler burst from a satellite weapon over Oslo. A scaler weapon uses gravitic waves to vaporize targets, and the Norway blast left behind a blue spiral in the night sky that was witnessed by thousands. Obama was put on notice that he may be president, but the Cabal is still in charge. This group has one singular objective – to maintain the status quo.
Free clean energy? Not on their watch.
During dinner, Dr. Greer explained these first encounters often accompanied his own first encounters with new friends. Communication between species is dependent upon conscious thought. Dr. Greer has had dozens of close encounters (all documented in his books) and he hosts CE-5 (Close Encounter) retreats where participants are taught how to meditate and remote view passing UFOs to entice our visitors to stop by and say hello. Invariably, these experiences are disrupted by the Air Force. Rarely are they covered by the mainstream media who are kept on a short lease when it comes to reporting an ET encounter.
Of course some encounters, like the Phoenix Lights, are simply too big to deny.
Steven Greer was involved in that episode as well.
A month later Dr. Greer returned to South Florida where we spent several days together. He gave me a thorough education on inter-dimensional travel, secret government bases, and black-shelved energy technologies that have been denied patents and confiscated. A slew of scientists have been murdered simply because they had made breakthroughs with zero-point energy. It’s the kind of info that makes for great fiction only it is all real. And yeah… upon learning the truth I was more than a bit rattled.
With Dr. Greer’s permission, I wove every bit of it into my novel, VOSTOK.
Steve Alten is a NY Times and international best-selling author of 16 novels, including the MEG series, about Megalodon, the 70-foot prehistoric Great White shark. MEG was just greenlit as a major motion picture by Warner Bros. Alten is also founder and director of Adopt-An-Author, a nationwide free reading program for reluctant teen readers with over 10,000 registered teachers involved. More info at www.SteveAlten.com and www.AdoptAnAuthor.com

VOSTOK: http://www.amazon.com/Vostok-Steve-Alten/dp/1681020009/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


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