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Antoinette Titus

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01/25/2016 03:30am
Preparing for an Audition-What to Bring?

Preparing for an audition can be an extremely overwhelming experience for an artist that is attempting to get ready for an audtion, anxiety kicks in. I have found from working in production and interacting with artist in all genres that are not prepared for the audtion, this can also annoying and time consuming for the casting director and producer that are casting the artist during the auditions. When preparing for an audition here are 6 tips on what to bring to the audition that can make your life and the casting director, and producers a bit easier :
1. Photo and Resume, please make sure it is stapled or adhered together back to back, it is very professional to have it all attached, quite annoying for directors to have multi-papers at an audition.
2. Flash/Thumb drive (music for your performance), Instrument, Sides (Script, or lines), be prepared with all items needed for your audition.
3. Pen/Pencil/Highlighter to take notes or important directives, directions from the casting directors, producers.
4. Bottle water, light snacks, headsets, its best to be self-sufficient and not have anyone to bring or give you anything.
5. Cell phone turned off, blasting ring tones, and alerts are quite annoying in audtions as well as unprofessional.
6. A Positive Attitude, the most important of all, always be ready to take directions, smile and enjoy the process of auditioning.

Happy Auditioning!!!!


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