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Antoinette Titus

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02/06/2016 06:54am
Quick Tips for Audition Nerves

Audition nerves are quite normal for all experienced and inexperience independent artist at the onset of the exciting Audition day. There are many reasons why nerves get rattled at the very important audition process that you have been awaiting. Anxiety, a bad day, the dog ate the shoe, and other stress related issues, but its all happening on your big audtion date. I want to share some audition quick tips that may help you manage audition nerves to ease your performanceon your next audition.
Practice, Practice, Practice, the old saying practice makes perfect is so true, practicing and executing your audition peice will always ease your nerves, the more times you do it, the less nervous you will be. Preparation of your skill and audition piece will always put you ahead of others, and adds the confidence needed when you walk into the audition to knock it out of the ball park. Preperation of getting there early always helps with possible unknown obstacles.
Change the channel, shift your nerves from negatvie and change into the positive. Channel the nervous feeling into energy and focus on your audition, and not yourself. Connect with the audience, director, or producer and show them the great skills that you have. Always visualize your success. Breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation are great strategies to help you relax and refocus your negative thoughts into positive thoughts.
The quick tips for audition nerves are basic tips that will allow you to dig deeper in your thoughts to make your audition day successful with ease. Have fun, Break A Leg, and Happy Auditioning!!


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