Pitchrate | The Best Diet or Exercise Program will not help you if you can't follow it!

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Stavros Mastrogiannis

Stavros Mastrogiannis is a 27-year veteran of the weight loss field. He is the owner of Live Your Way Thin LLC, a personal training facility in Danbury CT and he is the creator of the Simple Way To Vibrant Health online coaching system. Stavros specializes in working with people who want to lose w...

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Live Your Way Thin LLC

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09/27/2016 02:58pm
The Best Diet or Exercise Program will not help you if you can't follow it!

You can ask 10 weight loss experts what is the best way to lose weight and you will get 10 different answers. So who should you believe and why? The unfortunate truth is that most likely all 10 are wrong and here is why. Most weight loss experts have focused so much on creating the perfect diet or the best exercise program that would deliver the fastest results, they forgot that a diet that no one can follow long term or an exercise program that no one can stick with is not very effective. Just look at all the weight loss programs on the market today. For example, look at the P90X. Is P90X an effective workout program? Absolutely! The problem is that very few people can actually stick with it. I personally know over 50 people that have bought the P90X but out of those 50 people only one was able to go through the whole program, everyone else burned out within the first few weeks.

So my question is, how effective is a workout program that most people can't do? Same thing with all the diets. Can you see yourself counting calories or point for the rest of your life? Can you see yourself constantly being vigilant of everything you put in your mount? If you are like most people, the answer is no. But that is exactly what all popular diet programs ask you to do. No wonder we are losing the weight loss battle.

The best weight loss program is that one you can live with for life! A good way to tell if, with a particular weight loss program, you will be able to achieve sustainable weight loss is to ask yourself this question. "Can I see myself doing everything the weight loss program is asking me to do for life?" If the answer is no, don't even bother starting because any weight loss results you will achieve with that program will be temporary.

Sustainable weight loss is only possible through permanent changes in your daily habitual behaviors.


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