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Rick Alexander

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02/26/2011 02:20pm
Frizzy Disorderly Hair – Don’t Despair!

Frizzy Disorderly Hair – Don’t Despair!
Ever were frazzled and needed to refresh you look throughout the day at work? Or, traveling and you usual flat iron is not as convenient to carry around? Or, the humidity takes over your hair by the time you reach your destination? Well there is finally a solution that fits our needs. It is called CoolCare Mini Flat Iron. It is the cutest thing to have ever hit the market.
The CoolCare Mini Flat Iron is only 5 ½ inches long. It has beautiful pink flowers on it along with a pink cord. It also comes with its own matching storage bag. It heats up in only one minute and you are ready to style your hair. It has ceramic plates and heats up to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit). It also meets UL Standards. It is noted to be “A Family of Safe Household Products.” It styles the hair just like a larger flatiron would, making your hair silky, shiny and straight.

This flat iron is a must have. It fits into your purse, briefcase or travel bag without being bulky or weighing you down. When you pull it out to use it, everyone is sure to ask where you purchased this lovely flat iron. Makes a perfect gift for others as it is reasonable priced.
R & C Product, Inc., the maker of this nifty compact flat iron is doing a Free Giveaway for Valentine’s Day at the following website. Just fill out the form in the upper left-hand side. Tell your friends. They will be happy you did.
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