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Rick Alexander

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03/12/2011 01:32pm
Hair Salon Is Beauty School In Your Future?

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Hair Salon Is Beauty School In Your Future?
Posted on March 9, 2011 by Rick Alexander
hair styling choosing the right hair salon education

Hair Salon Stylist - Image courtesy of bridalpartytees.com

Even in this depressed market, the hair salon continues to flourish. The reason is simple. Not only do people like to look good, but making the proper appearance, presenting your best foot forward, at interview time is crucial.

While many believe a hair salon represents success, money, glamor, and challenge keep in mind that it is a strenuous business. On your feet for hours at a time, working in a hair salon can be physically challenging for many. Also, having a broad set of hair salon skills is important. The recent changes within the hair salon market have gone from sole hair styling focus into a total “beauty” approach. Granted, the revenues that this market brings in, reflects its success. As a result, more and more people are considering a hair salon study.
Choose the Best Hair Salon Beauty School

Going to school, or going back to school is not unlike choosing the right haircut. When it comes to enrolling in a salon school check the hair salon and its background starting with accreditation, and state requirements. Getting to know a bit about your teachers is also important. You want to learn from the best whenever possible. Selecting the right hair salon school for study means asking the right questions; questions that will influence your ability to make the most money after graduation.
Levels of Hair Salon Education

When it comes to “beauty school,” most people think of the stylist. However, their are many levels of hair salon education including:

o Salon directors
o Salon team trainers, and
o Salon owners.

Some of these choices may require further education, like a degree in business management for example.
Do You Have the Right Personality to Cut It In the Hair Salon Business?

There are outgoing people and individuals who really do not enjoy mixing it up on a daily basis with others. Of course the person with an outgoing, friendly personality is much more suited to the hair salon business then the shrinking violet.

So while choosing the beauty profession is a viable option, that has an almost recession proof income, do weigh the pros and cons before committing yourself. If, after personal analysis you feel you have what it takes, then follow the steps above. After all, selecting the right school for hair salon study will be your first step to a brighter future. And, hair salon study will open the doors to salon management and salon ownership making you the captain of your own destiny.


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