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Rick Alexander

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03/11/2011 01:45pm
Famous Hairstylists of Hollywood

The people who are behind the lustrous and trend setting hair styles for the celebrities’ are the real people who should be given due credit and receive the accolades.

Starting from the most famous hairstylist in Hollywood, Michael P Reitz who has been nominated constantly for 5 years at the Emmy awards for ground breaking hair design, hair extension, and lace wig front for a famous TV series Alias. He has received many awards for his outstanding contribution to the celebrities’ and Hollywood film industry like awards for Hollywood Makeup Artist And Hair stylist Guild Award in 2003 for TV series Alias . Another successful and famous French hair stylist is Odile Gilbert she has styled models for famous fashion and perfume houses like Calvin Klein, Lancome, Giorgio Armani. She received numerous awards such as Trophees de la Mode, Venus de la Mode, Victoires de la Beaute, Chevalier des arts et Lettres. She is the only female stylist to receive such important honors of Chevalier des arts et Lettres.

Another famous female hair stylist is Sally Hershberg and she is one of the most sought-after hair stylists across the globe. Sally has salons in Los Angeles and New York and in 2008 she created her own hair-care line. She has worked with some of top celebrities’ and photographers. Another internationally acclaimed Hollywood hairstylist is George Carroll. He is a famous television personality, beauty columnist, entertainment and beauty industry consultant and award winning beauty product designer. He has his styling studio in Toluca Lake close to Warner Bros studios and Universal studios. He is the personal hair stylist to some of the famous celebrities’ like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Jude Law. www.americanbeauty.ws

These are some of the famous hair stylists others include Jamal Hammadi and Teddy Charles whose clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Hayden Panetteine, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gautier. So these are the men and women behind the glamorous world of Hollywood. Making hairstyles a new statement and trendsetting for the celebrities’ fashionable in this wonderful world.

Rick Alexander

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