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Somto Okeke

“Somto Okeke Charles” the founder & president of Speaker’s den and Nigeria Campus Talent Hunt as a passion coach who is a student of life, whose area of discipline is Mass Communication. He has served as a leader in different life empowerment organizations, such as Awards Group as a project co...

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12/21/2018 08:12pm
B2B Digital Marketing Trends 2018

When considering B2B marketing trends for 2018 as regards content writing is a very essential tool to promote all landing pages and post pages of an SEO friendly website incorporating a social media campaign, social media marketing, content writer service and a B2B marketing strategy as to mask your content as to be indexed by Google and appropriately fetched without a crawl error where all webmaster tools shows that your info graph are ascending as a result of quality qualified content of which you should avoid sneaking into other peoples website to obtain content which are not yours. Start writing your own content strategy to aid B2B marketing content strategy, let me explain bellow on how to start an appropriate B2B marketing strategy that would trend your content on all search engine tools.
B2B Digital Marketing Trends For Content Writing 2018

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