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Brittany Nielsen

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Health & Fitness


d'vine Skin Care

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06/30/2011 02:27pm
Eco Friendly Vinotherapy Samples

2011 is going to be a “green” year for the natural wine based skincare company, d’vine Skin Care. The company has been working diligently toward greater environmentally sound aspirations in product packaging. After years of research and testing, d’vine Skin Care is now able to offer trial sizes of the same high quality wine based skincare products using environmentally sound packaging. As a natural skincare company, we are committed to providing beauty through healthy and safe solutions for individuals, as well as the Earth.
In order to provide eco friendly packaging for product samples, d’vine Skin Care has partnered with a Green-e certified company to deliver an array of environmental advantages. The packaging is produced using sources of sustainable energy and recycled material. The trial size packages are designed to reduce waste and plastic consumption, and eliminate toxins and pollutants. The containers are completely collapsible after use, ensuring greater product collection from the package, and less product waste. As d’vine Skin Care explores greater avenues of environmentally sound operations, eco-friendly trial sizes are only the first step in the company’s green aspirations.

About d’vine Skin Care:
d’vine Skin Care was developed by Dr. Richard Mauer as a medical grade skin care line designed to provide individuals with the therapeutic and anti-aging benefits of wine. d’vine Skin Care remains committed to delivering powerful results using only the finest natural, paraben free, and chirally-correct ingredients.


Brittany Nielsen
d’vine Skin Care

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dvine skin care announces new eco friendly product samples
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