Pitchrate | Most Beloved Firming Moisturizer from Vinotherapy Skin Care Company Back on Market

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Brittany Nielsen

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d'vine Skin Care

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06/30/2011 02:43pm
Most Beloved Firming Moisturizer from Vinotherapy Skin Care Company Back on Market

Rosé Champagne Gel, a lavish toning and uplifting gel moisturizer from d’vine Skin Care, delivers spectacular tightening and firming results through vinotherapy. An infusion of therapeutic grade botanicals and the exclusive d’vine Complex allow for this refreshing gel to instantly defy the signs of aging, the French call it a “coup d'éclat.” Butcher’s Broom Extract shines as a key ingredient, leaving skin glowing and brilliantly radiant as it stimulates micro-lymphatic circulation and strengthens delicate skin. d’vine Skin Care’s Rosé Champagne Gel may be purchased at select medical, day, destination, and resort spas across the United States and Canada. For a complete listing of d’vine Skin Care partner spas, please visit dvineskincare.com/find-dvine.

Rosé Champagne Gel can be used on all skin types; however, it is most recommended for individuals with devitalized, damaged, or mature skin. This product was developed as a targeted precision treatment to be used twice daily by gently smoothing onto skin. Apply a dime sized amount (1/4 tsp.) by gently smoothing onto skin with fingertips.

Designed for effective anti-aging and skin healing, the core of each d’vine Skin Care product is comprised of the exclusive d’vine Complex. Utilizing of an innovative blend of freshly pressed red and white wine varietals from Napa Valley, the unique d’vine Complex delivers powerful anti-aging results to men and women.

About d’vine Skin Care:
d’vine Skin Care was developed by Dr. Richard Mauer as a medical grade skin care line designed to provide individuals with the therapeutic, and anti-aging benefits of wine. As the world’s first complete vinotherapy line, d’vine Skin Care provides premium products and professional skincare services exclusively at spas and resorts. d’vine Skin Care remains committed to delivering powerful results using only the finest natural, paraben free, and chirally-correct ingredients.


Brittany Nielsen
d’vine Skin Care



dvine skin cares ros champagne gel shows sparkling results for anti-aging
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