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Tonja Evetts Weimer

Relationship expert Tonja Evetts Weimer is an acclaimed newspaper columnist, speaker and author of the new book, Thriving After Divorce: Transforming your life when a relationship ends. This inspiring book gives people clear action steps to move toward hope and healing when a significant relationshi...

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Tonja Evetts Weimer


Michelle Tennant


11/16/2010 05:06pm
Where To Meet Guys…When You’re Over 40

Are you over 40? Would you like to meet guys to date? Single women everywhere say they would like to find someone and fall in love, but all the good ones are gone. When five or more single women get together and repeat this phrase a few times, it becomes a LAW, etched in stone.

It may surprise you to know that single men actually say the same thing. They’d like to meet someone too, but guess why they can’t? All the good ones are gone.

It’s time to bust the myth that there is no one out there for you. We have more single people over the age of 40 than ever before in history. The Boomer generation is determined to live their dreams. So if their marriage is bad, they are the ones most likely to get divorced and eventually look for a new relationship.

Where do you meet someone when you’re over 40?

1. Your Job – You are likely to know someone you work with better than anyone else you randomly meet up with. Hopefully, you will keep your life less complicated by not dating someone in your same office. This could be uncomfortable later on if you have a fight or break up. But if you work for a company with more than 50 employees, chances are you could find someone who is in a different department.

2. Your Religious Affiliation – Your spiritual beliefs may lead you to opportunities to meet men who share your values. I know someone who met her husband in the parking lot of her church. She was standing outside waiting for services to begin. She saw him drive up alone and walked over and introduced herself (before anyone else could), and they’ve been together ever since. This person became clear about what she wanted and then pushed herself out of her comfort zone of shyness and went for it!

3. Ask People You Know To Fix You Up – Become a lovable but determined pest. Don’t be easily put off. Tell everyone you know you’d like to meet someone. This is actually the most productive way to find dates. One of my friends moved to a new state. As she was house hunting she mentioned to the realtor that she was single and wanted to meet a nice guy. The realtor invited my friend to come with her to a party. She met someone she is still dating. This is what I mean when I say, “Tell everyone.” Sooner or later, someone will fix you up. The date may or may not turn out to be “The One” you fall in love with, but if nothing else, it will build the volume of your choices.

4. Classes – If you love France, think about taking a French class to learn the language so you can travel there some day. You will start to sparkle with energy because you have an exciting goal. Not only can you meet new people in classes, but you can attract more dates when you have a zest for life. Classes of any kind lead to more friends and more date possibilities.

5. Playing – Join a bowling league, softball team, ice-skating class or a team that plays tennis, golf, horse shoes, volleyball or basketball. If you don’t know how to play any of these games, don’t you think it’s time to give it a try? If you go bowling, so what if the ball rolls in the gutter – in someone else’s lane? If you try karaoke, who cares if you sing like Daffy Duck? It’s not your American Idol talent people care about as much as your willingness to TRY.

6. The Internet – Since there is a higher ratio of guys online looking to meet women, this is a good resource as long as you use dating precautions. Yes, there are some scary stories about meeting strangers online. There are rules to live by when meeting any stranger anywhere.

I have a friend who met a guy at a dating site several years ago. She fell head-over-heels for him and within months, he had cleaned out her bank account, charged all her cards to the max, and taken out loans in her name. She did not follow the rules. What are they? Before you settle into a mini-marriage, or if the relationship is getting serious, do the following: investigate doing a background check, meet his friends, and be discerning, as in listening carefully to what he says and does.

My friend was so


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