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Barbara Colby

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Arts, Crafts & Writing, Book Writing & Publishing , Business & Finance, Design/Architect, Health & Fitness, Lifestyles, Medical/Health professional, Mental Health/Psychology, Religion/Spirituality



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Until she retired in 1995,Barbara D. Colby was a professional member of ASID, as well as a long standing member of the Color Marketing Group of the United States.

After a thirty year career in interior design, Colby became a futurist who forecasted trends and acted as a color marketing consultant to manufactuerers.

As a public speaker she was asked to speak at all major markets and design shows. She was a popular contributing editor for Giftware News, giving readers insight on how to prepare for upcoming trends in the marketplace; two to five years ahead of the public.

Through a stringent criteria, Colby earned inclusion in Who's Who In The West, 19th Edition. She wrote a popular ordered book, "Color & Light: Influences and Impact" in 1990.

In November, 2004, her hot glass sculpture won the prestigious Paul Bellardo sculpture award, "Search For Self." Additionally, she was featured on the television shows, "Yellow Brick Road," on Channel 4, and on Channel 2, "Eye On THe Desert; televised in Palm Springs, California.


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