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Barbara Colby

Until she retired in 1995,Barbara D. Colby was a professional member of ASID, as well as a long standing member of the Color Marketing Group of the United States. After a thirty year career in interior design, Colby became a futurist who forecasted trends and acted as a color marketing consultan...

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05/24/2011 10:49pm
Make 100% On YOur Money,

There is creative action taking place. If you think it's a bad time to invest...think again! With the events reported in newspapers and on the television news, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan and China; yes, and even in our own country, in the state of Wisconsin...public voices are crying out to be heard. As a forecaster of trends, this tells me that this will affect coming elections here and abroad.
The complex events overseas have creasted a high rise in oil prices. After all, these countries now need to build better infrastructures and rebuild destroyed brick and mortar. Watching history in the making and the ideas, ideals, ethics, and values, is at the base of any forecast. Our changing attitudes, coming from these drivers, will be the impetus for manufacturers, to create new paths in trends.
The root of these changes comes from the above reasons, as well as condensing what we hear, see and read. Trends come from the foundation of needs, demands, the economy, global barriers raised or lowered; and influences from cultural offerings in the marketplace.
Do prices go up? Or, does the value of money go down? The answer lies in condensing certain information. Let's just take a look at one area...precious metal. All precious metals have increased in price. The one I looked at most was sterling silver. It broke a thirty year high. If you look at the early 1900's, silver only cost $1 per ounce. As I write this, silver is presently $48.15 per ounce.....And yes, the value of money has gone down....paper currency is just paper these days. Oil and living costs have gone up. What does all of this mean to an investor?
Silver jewelry, once considered costume jewelry, is now being looked at as an investment; just as gold jewelry was some time back. Now most people who are out of jobs and need money are cashing in their gold jewelry; they let it go because the economy is tough and people who are out of jobs need money. Experts, as well as this author, predict that silver will go higher than $50 per ounce in one year.
Most people don't think of silver as a depleteable metal...it is. The old law of supply and demand is at the base of this statement. As an industrial metal, precious silver is used in computer parts, mobile phones and to produce all types of electronics. That means that the demand is high and one of the reasons the current price has increased in silver.
Forecasting is the ability to look ahead, so you can make better decisions. Walter Cornish, the founder of The World Future Society said, "We can do nothing about the past, but we have enormous power to reshape the future." We are all fearful that oil will drop slowly, then hit a high again. It is priced today at $100 per barrel; it will probably go even higher. Be that as it may, we don't have to be slaves to Arab countries and their tight control. Biofuels made from algae may soon be a portion of our transportation needs. Algae have a much greater productivity potential than crop based biofuels. Algae are capable of producing 5,000 gallons of fuel per acre. That could account for
30%-60% of U.S. oil needs (NASA scientist). The cost of Algae oil, once commercialized, would probably be as low as $20 per barrel.
Let us not be blind to lithium. General Motors is betting the corporation on lithium. In different countries like South America, western Canada, etc; a few investors outside a small circle know about these rich, remote patches of earth.
China announced plans to jack-up production 46% by 2011. An Australian company agreed to produce 17,000 tons of this new wonder substance for China. Our own U.S. government doled out $8 billion; the first step of a $25 billion loan program, to gear up production in the U.S. The projected demand for this wonder fuel already exceeds production...by 16 times.
The Volt, produced by General Motors was voted one of the best new hybrids on the road in 2011. Their hybrid is fueled by lithium-ion batteries. Two weeks ago,lithium was sold over the counter at $1.57 share. As of today, lithium was up to


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