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Barbara Colby

Until she retired in 1995,Barbara D. Colby was a professional member of ASID, as well as a long standing member of the Color Marketing Group of the United States. After a thirty year career in interior design, Colby became a futurist who forecasted trends and acted as a color marketing consultan...

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06/20/2011 10:52pm
The Phantom Silent Miracle

The human body is composed of positive and negative electrical charges. These are called atoms and referred to as the "eletromagnetic energy field." This energy field is created by electrical charges that emanate from the inside of the body to the outside of the body. A Kirlian Photograph, visually shows the energy activity in different intensities, color and flare patterns.
Metaphysicians call these vibrating charges the "aura," or "corona." If the body is able to transfer highly exciteable energy, then "therapeutic touch," or the so called "laying on of hands," is at the base of what is known as "natural healing."
Faith healers say that they can experience a transaction between themselves and the person they are healing. The interaction is characterized or described as "tingling," "pressure," and/or "hot or cold," sensations.
This field varies from individual to individual. When a person is calm, their field is small. Aroused to anger or passion, the electromagnetic energy field flares up and sparks with brilliant red.
Radiations have appeared on a thousand year old mummy's wrapped body. Modern medical technology verifies the phantom theory that the non-existent limb still experiences sensations.
Scientific evidence is too strong to ignore. The body's colored fingerprint silently makes statements about both our physical as well as our emotional make-up.


phantom leaf affect, electromagnetic energy, natural healing, metaphysics, therapeutic touch, kirlian photographs, bodys electrical charges
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