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Bob Juneau

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Book Writing & Publishing , Political/History

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Bob Juneau Sr. was born in 1947 in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation and grew up there graduating from Browning High School in 1966. He is a Enrolled Member of the Blackfeet Tribe. In September 1967 he was drafted into the United States Army and served in Vietnam from 1968-69. He got there just after the 1968 Tet Offensive and served as a guard on the perimeter and truck convoys at the Phu Loi Helicoptor base. He was Honorably Discharged in November 1969 with a Good Conduct Medal. After he returned to Browning, Montana he moved with his wife Linda Matt Juneau and his oldest son Steve Juneau to Oakland, California to be with family members and find a job. Through his wife Linda Juneau he was able to get a job from her boss Charles Goadey as a GS-12 in San Francisco Regional Office. His job title was Special Assistant to Regional Commissioner Social Rehabilitation Services Region 9. His job required him to prevent discrimination in government programs against Native Americans and teach Native American grantees how to stay in contract compliance with federal guidelines. He worked in this job from 1976 to 1979. Then he left Oakland, California in 1979 with his wife and three sons Steve, Ed, and Robert Jr. to work in the same job in Denver, Colorado until 1980. In 1980 he left the government service to move back to Browning, Montana and work for the Blackfeet Tribal Government as the Director of the Blackfeet Natural Resources Department from 1980 to 1982. He was fired from that job for investigating the Blackfeet Forced Land Patents. He then became a activist against corruption in the Blackfeet Tribal Government. In the 1990s he became a Co-Director of the Blackfeet Residence Organization with Tom McKay which was made up of all the tenants in Blackfeet Housing. They were able to get a $10 million dollar demolition grant of which there was only one in the whole country. The tenants ended up turning it down. He also helped create a magazine on corruption in Blackfeet Government called Through the Eyes of an Indian and a newsletter called The Blackfeet Patriot.


Blackfeet, Juneau, Montana,

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