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Bob Juneau

Bob Juneau Sr. was born in 1947 in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation and grew up there graduating from Browning High School in 1966. He is a Enrolled Member of the Blackfeet Tribe. In September 1967 he was drafted into the United States Army and served in Vietnam from 1968-69. He got...

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01/15/2015 04:46pm
The Sacred Buffalo Vision Book Review by Robert James Juneau

Book Review
“The Sacred Buffalo Vision”
By Robert James Juneau and Robert C. Juneau, Blackfeet Treaty Indians, and father & son co-authors.
The book provides a panoramic view, 1860-2012, Indian-written history in Montana from the
Indian’s point of view. The intent is to tell the Political History of how the White Men got on
the Blackfeet Reservation. For the first time the conspiracy theory is laid bare behind the illegal
practices that led to genocide and extermination of the Indians in Montana Territory. The text has
been researched from records in the National Archives in Washington D.C. and inserted almost
verbatim. It is a book made of records, letters, correspondence, and testimony of Indian Affairs,
Sub-Committees of the United States Congress. It is a history book that lays the facts bare for the
reader to interpret for him or herself. The official documents are backed up by the Oral history gleaned
from the oratory of the Blackfeet Chiefs, unsurpassed in history. It is a grim picture of genocide and
the taking of Blackfeet property. It provides a moment in history to allow the Indians to be tragic
without caricature-a real history! The Sacred Buffalo Vision was written with the words of the dying,
starving, massacred, and small-pox Indian victims. Yet it is also a story of hope for the Blackfeet people
because it demonstrates their ability to survive and prosper despite horrific living conditions and to
finally have their stories told and documented. The history book also illustrates the meaning of “Past is
Prologue” as Shakespeare said “The evil that men do lives after them.” Many of the issues of Indian land
Ownership remain today as water rights and allotted Indian land frauds committed in the early 20th
Century, 1912-1922, the allotment period, surface today as to restoring stolen land titles to the original
Indian Landowners, to answer the question of how the white man got on the Blackfeet Reservation.
The vision of the Sacred Buffalo points to purification of the earth and mankind as the final solution.
You can order the book at:

1145 34th St. Apt.110
Missoula, MT 59801

We also have a page on Facebook called The Sacred Buffalo Vision for the book.


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