Pitchrate | Excerpt From The 'Sacred Buffalo Vision', A Blackfeet History Book

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Bob Juneau

Bob Juneau Sr. was born in 1947 in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation and grew up there graduating from Browning High School in 1966. He is a Enrolled Member of the Blackfeet Tribe. In September 1967 he was drafted into the United States Army and served in Vietnam from 1968-69. He got...

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01/15/2015 04:38pm
Excerpt From The 'Sacred Buffalo Vision', A Blackfeet History Book

Chapter on 'Blackfeet Soldiers "Doughboys" Starved", P. 133 Hart Schultz, son of James Willard Schultz had a Blackfeet mother, Natahki, and was an eyewitness to the genocides of many Blackfeet Indians, as he was in Glacier Park at the time, and wrote his father on the condition of the Indians in letters dated August 17 and 27th, 1921: "Well, the Blackfeet are about finished. Excepting a few old people, they get no rations and the rations that are given out last only three or four days instead of the fourteen days they are supposed to cover. They have no grain crops, very little hay, and the worst is yet to come, the dreaded winter. Yesterday, Many Guns and Dog Gun and others came away up here to see me, and said they were so hungry they had to ask me for help. Have been constantly giving out food and money since I arrived here. They ask why the Government doesn't send the troops to kill them all off, and put them out of their misery? An old woman came up to see me, walking all the way from the forks of the Two Medicine River. She was in rags and starving. I gave her a meal and bought flour, coffee, meat and sugar for her and she broke down and cried. I tell you, by God, that it makes me mad all the time to see the condition these Indians are in! Tuberculosis is rapidly killing off the Indians, but it serves well the interests of purpose of those who are after this big-grass country, now practically all taken by the agents of the big-meat trust, Swift & Co. through its subsidiary the Portland Land & Cattle Company. One of the traders at Browning had two hundred and twelve of Blackfeet patents-in-fee to their lands and other traders had many more." The National Indian Memorial Association President Joseph K. Dixon wrote to General Pershing on the Blackfeet soldiers "Doughboys" who were being starved and dying along with their aged parents; "150 Blackfeet Indians fought in World War One on the fields of France, and only 20 of them came back, not one of them sound, and many of them wounded; that these Indian veterans are now dying by the roadside, and so are many of their other tribal members, from sheer hunger; that the tribe is being decimated by the pangs of hunger; that their hunting grounds have been preempted [Glacier Park] and their land filched. Please use your influence to strike a blow somewhere, somehow, that will rouse the people to a realization of the horrors that exist at their own door, and that the spirit of good will clustering about the manger and cradle in Bethlehem will bring gifts of food and clothing to these dependent, oppressed, and damaged Indians, old and blind, who lived to rear boys whom they sent to fight under your swords in France, and are likewise wounded, helpless, and suffering with their fathers whom they cannot help. God have mercy on us if we do not do something, and do it soon." Alas, we the Blackfeet of today are still fighting for our stolen lands taken by starvation amounting to murder by border-whites living in Glacier County, a white-apartheid government transplanted on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, who have usurped the treaty rights, cattle industry, oil wells and allotted lands of the Blackfeet Indians. Sincerely, Robert James Juneau


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