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Deborah Hill

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Personal/Business Coaching


The Awareness Initiative

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Intuitive Coach, Counselor, trainer and author Deborah Hill, of The Awareness Initiative, helps clients to transform their lives and businesses quickly and effectively � achieving core transformation, success and fulfillment.

Deborah brings an extra dimension to advising and training. She has a unique intuitive ability to peel away the layers, to quickly see into and communicate with clients at a level that is profound and transformational at a core level. She has helped her clients to break through barriers and relate more effectively with self, employees, associates, friends and family.

Deborah is also an adept and engaging speaker, with a unique sense of humor and a gift for informative and motivational storytelling. The strength of her uncommon intuitive insight and interpersonal communications has changed people�s lives, businesses and relationships.

Deborah has been actively involved in the coaching, counseling and training of others throughout her adult life. Her extensive background includes 4 degrees in medical science and psychology, 30 years of property management and investment, and 20 years as an entrepreneur and president of her own business.

Website: http://www.theAwarenessInitiative.com
Blog: http://www.theAwarenessInitiative.com/blog
Phone: 404-459-0590
Twitter: www.twitter.com/deborahhill


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