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Deborah Hill

Intuitive Coach, Counselor, trainer and author Deborah Hill, of The Awareness Initiative, helps clients to transform their lives and businesses quickly and effectively � achieving core transformation, success and fulfillment. Deborah brings an extra dimension to advising and training. She has ...

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The Awareness Initiative

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03/08/2011 11:44am
You're Intuitive: Use it or Lose the Benefit

Have you ever heard or “just known” things that you haven’t admitted to yourself or others? Have you felt that telling feeling in your heart or knowing in your gut that people call “women’s intuition” (that is available to men as well)?

Have you ever had a feeling that something was going to happen, and it did? Perhaps you were at the right place at the right time without thinking about it; you had a feeling that you should stop in on a client, and it turned out that he had been meaning to get in touch with you. Have you ever called someone and she said, “I was just thinking about you?”

These all are intuitive experiences — knowing, saying or doing the right thing without thinking about it. Developing this intuitive ability can be the key to a new level of success in your work and your life. Opening up to your intuitive abilities will awaken an entire new world of possibilities and certainty within you and is actually a simple process.
We all have that ability. I’ve validated mine and trained for years to expand my intuitive insight. I have always had a heightened intuitive ability and have spent years in training to be able to use it to help others. Now my goal is to intuitively assist you to transform your life, business and relationships as an intuitive coach and trainer.

When we are newborns, we pay attention to all information. Our brain is wired pick up non-linear and linear information. We’re then taught from childhood to focus only on one part of our brain, the logical, rational mind. We learn to ignore any information that is not from our cortex. In fact, we’re taught to believe that we actually ARE the rational brain, and that we should not trust signals picked up by other parts of our self.

So do we scrap the rational brain? Absolutely not. It’s a valuable tool. But, in order to pick up the full scope of what’s going on in the world on all levels, we have to use and validate other incoming information, as well.
Here are some tips to help you to tune in and trust your inner voice:
1. Pay attention to this intuitive information that originates from parts of your brain other than your rational mind.

2. Validate this information and honor it.

3. Look for signs. Notice them. Be aware, pay attention and respond to the signals.

4. Act on the insight. Trust the information and follow it.

5. Monitor your success, so you can see how important your intuitive insight is.
Take advantage of this wealth of untapped information that is constantly available to you but often ignored. This information will propel you into an entirely new level of effectiveness and success in your life.
To learn more, go to www.TheAwarenessInitiative.com


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