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Deborah Hill

Intuitive Coach, Counselor, trainer and author Deborah Hill, of The Awareness Initiative, helps clients to transform their lives and businesses quickly and effectively � achieving core transformation, success and fulfillment. Deborah brings an extra dimension to advising and training. She has ...

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03/08/2011 11:39am
A Blessing and A Lot of Work: Celebrate the Journey

Being in love takes work. It isn't all hearts and flowers, though it's what we focus on during Valentine's Day. Love is the intuitive connection that we embody from the moment we meet the person of our dreams. It's the force that pushes us through the obstacles to that connection, when we lose sight of the love.

Love is a powerful force that will guide you, build you, expand you and even protect you. When you meet a divine partner (whether lover or friend), you'll feel the power of that force, unobstructed. You'll nurture it, bask in it, laugh, dance and celebrate the fact that you found it. Then the journey begins and you hit your first resistance to love. "He leaves piles around the house." "She doesn't do the dishes." "He laughs at me when I make a mistake." "She hates it when I play my music too loud." And the list goes on. What happened to that divine connection to love? It hit our resistive boulders within you - the places where you will not let love in. And now the work begins.

Your soul purpose here, no matter the form, is to embody and project as much love as you can. Love will make you successful, if you love what you do. Love will make you happy, if you love yourself and others. Love will feed you, protect you and empower you. But, you will get in the way of love, again and again. Your commitment and devotion to getting out of love's way is what will determine how much in love you are.

When my husband to be and I attended my daughter's wedding, we interviewed at least 20 couples that were married for at least 40 years. We asked them how they managed to stay married for so long. Every person, individually asked, said the same thing first: "It's a lot of work." Every person! Their love had grown through the years and they had all worked for it. They had worked on themselves, so they could love more.

Love is a force. There are many ways to love, but only one way to be in Love. Let go of your resistance to it and allow love to heal you and bind you to it. Relationships are intuitive journeys where we learn and coach ourselves to experience more love, so that we can be larger conduits for that force. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate that journey. For better or worse, let love guide you and heal you. Have a blessedly loving day.

To learn more about your journey to and through love, subscribe to my blog at: www.AwarenessInitiative.com/blog.


love, relationships, soul purpose, intuitive coaching, transformation
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