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Akasha Rainbow

Light guide, energy worker and author #lightworkerenergyhealing #akasha #thirdeyeorgasm

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03/20/2015 11:55pm
HEAD ORGASM - it's the new HIGH

#headorgasm #thirdeyeorgasm

I was sitting on the phone with a man one night who was a hundred miles away. I didn't think I could bear another minute of being apart from him. I wanted to touch him! I wanted to feel the pressure of his skin! I could barely breathe, I was aching with so much longing for him.

"What's the matter?" he asked me?

"I want you." I whispered.

The next instant, it felt like a coil of fire was unwinding at the base of my spine. I sat in astonished silence as a beaming trail of heat spun up from around my genitals, and wove its way around my spine, across my breasts, up my throat, over my cheeks and into my third eye and ending with pricking my scalp. My eyes stung with the rising flames, and it seemed like a vast golden dragon spun across my inner vision.

"Oh my god," I said. "That was amazing. Did you do that? HOW did you DO that? What WAS that?"

"Energy," was his answer. And he did it again.

That was my love giving me a Kundalini awakening. It is one of the most precious experiences of my life.

From then on, I was inspired on the path of teaching myself energy orgasms, and empowering others to learn energy orgasms, too; and it was from this place of openness and willingness that I was given the opportunity to experience, for the first time, HEAD ORGASM - orgasm of the Anja Chakra of the third eye.

I was experimenting with energy orgasms one night. Like any other night, I started by pulsing, energetically, the area around my anus, g-spot, and perineum. For the last few nights I'd been doing this, I'd noticed a white energetic ball of light coming towards me.

This night, as the energy rose up through my chakras, I noticed how that beam of white light was coming for me again. I didn't feel fear, like I had the other nights. I let it keep coming towards me, getting larger, and larger, until it took up almost my whole vision. It almost felt as if it would consume me.

By now, the fire in my groin had risen up to my belly, my chest, and my breasts, and even my throat was pulsing and burning. Then, for the first time, the burning and pressure that I'd often felt in my third eye invited me to pulse it, too. Energetically, I pushed my third eye chakra back and forward, as if it were sucking energy in. My third eye felt wet and hot as if it could take the whole world in.

That's when I had a third eye orgasm. It took over my whole body. It took over my hands, and my feet. It took over even the area of the auric field around me. I was making love to life itself. The whole universe was fucking me.

It's an awesome experience. That light, that I met, was the light of my higher self. She's here now, guiding me, and she guided me to write that book, "What is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm: Opening and Awakening Human Potential" so that she can pass on all the wisdom of her many life times and life experiences.

Third eye orgasm can be yours, too. It doesn't take magic, or being enlightened, or going to see anyone. It just takes lying down in your bed, getting comfortable, and feeling the energy of your body. And you move that energy around, from your genitals, up, up, up, to your third eye. But don't take my word - tonight, give it a try!

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