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Akasha Rainbow

Light guide, energy worker and author #lightworkerenergyhealing #akasha #thirdeyeorgasm

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03/21/2015 12:07am
Making Life Lighter for Lightworkers


It was only a week after finishing my first book What is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm? Opening and Awakening Human Potential, that I received guidance from Spirit that my second book would be about healing.
“Healing?” I thought, bemused. Although I had just started to be introduced to energy healing (I’d seen one man take a woman’s wound from her) I really had no knowledge of my own.
So, being the person that I am (that is, willing to take a risk for something worthwhile) I asked: “What would it be like for it to be possible for me to write a book about healing by the end of the week?” And had a little chuckle. Go on Spirit, I thought, you just try to answer that one.
I didn’t write a book about healing by the end of the week. What did happen, though, the VERY NEXT MORNING, was that an energy master and teacher of many decades emailed me, saying he’d had my contact details for some months, and, since he was coming to Australia, would I mind very much if he came to stay?
The rest, as they say, is history.
At the time, I had no idea how vital the skills were that he was going to teach me. Already, in the prelude to writing my “What is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm?” book, I’d experienced wondrous gifts of Spirit. Yet, whilst on one hand feeling miraculously protected and held, at the same time life events had me absolutely lost at sea.
On my doorstep arrived an energy healer to energy healers. He told me that his personal and professional work over his life had become about fully incarnating in the body and using all of the available energy frequencies for development of consciousness. “Especially and including grounding. At one point I was going to write a book titled: ‘Being Human, then becoming God.'”
He didn’t have the time or the inclination to write that book. When I said that I’d asked Spirit to write a book the week that he’d emailed me, he was happy for me to put down all that he showed me in my own words. And that book became Lightworker Energy Healing: An Empowerment Manual for Authentic and Inspired Living.
In recent years, his energetic healing work had developed into establishing one’s Core Essence – a process which took over two years of guidance from Spirit for him to refine, and which, by the time he came to stay with me, he could show a person in about 15 minutes.
The unique aspect of Core Essence work is that although someone can show you how to do it, and guide you through it, they CAN’T DO IT FOR YOU. Which is very different to most energy healing work, including Core Star work, which was developed at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where he once was.
Core Essence is the new frontier in energy healing, in that it puts the responsibility, and the ability, squarely in the hands of the person seeking healing. As it should be. We are all the masters of our own lives.
A basic Core Essence process is this. You come in through your Crown Chakra, and drop down, to just above your navel. This is where you will feel the welling of your soul. It may feel forward, or backward. If it is backward, it may give you back ache. If it is forward, you may feel as if your energy is being drained and ‘leaking’ out the front. With somatic awareness, you place it in the centre of your being.
Your Core Essence may feel weak, and this is because of all the places and beings, bargains and limiting beliefs you may have given your Core Essence to. Getting your energy back is a very simple process. You CALL it back. You form the awareness of where you might have waylaid shards of your soul, in this life or in any other, and for what purpose, and then you form the intention for them to journey back to you, and rejoin with your higher self.
I can’t begin to say how much this process has changed my life. It means, now, that I am always conscious, when I am interacting with others, whether my Core Essence is centred, or not, and whether I am giving any of myself away, or if I am being true to myself. I get instant feedback, based on the sensations in my body. It saves a lot of trouble down the line.
It also has the effect of instantly keeping our energetic boundaries up. When illness or injury comes about, it can be because the ways that we have cheated ourselves energetically (by thinking damaging or limiting thoughts about ourselves) have undermined the integrity of our auric system. Core Essence work means we always know whether or not we are being truthful with ourselves and others, so these blockages and rifts don’t get a chance to form in the first place.
My energy healing journey has begun, and I am grateful, because, with Core Essence, at this time of change and revolution where healing and wholeness is being reclaimed for everyone by everyone, it frankly couldn’t have begun in a better place.

What the readers say:
"Amazing book. I love the written style of Akasha. She explains in an easy way matters like prana, chi, reiki, chakras and the akashic records. Finally a book that will help you heal yourself. I will definitely apply all the stuff learned in the book. Highly recommend this book especially if you want to become more aware of yourself!" Manny

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