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Richard O'Malley

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08/06/2015 04:37pm
Is Your Elevator Pitch "Dead Inside"?


Dec. 8th, 2014 at 8:17 PM


Is your elevator pitch, "Dead Inside"??

Are you ready for the " Zombie Apocalypse"? No, I'm not talking about Rick Grimes' fight against the "walkers and biters" on AMC most Sunday evenings. I'm referring to your fight against the "pitchers and droners" at every business networking event you'll attend this year.

We've all been there, suited up, cocktail in hand, business cards at the ready. But as you survey the room, this gorgeous venue starts to resemble lost apocalyptic Atlanta more than it does a promising business endeavor. Why? Because most marketers and salespeople have found something that "worked" and have beaten it to death. What "worked"? Their elevator pitch. Now they meander from group to group, conversation to conversation, and " work" that same pitch to you regardless of who you are. They have a single mindedness that the flesh eaters would even be shocked by. But how do you avoid getting "turned" and becoming just another "Networking Walker"? Here are our 3 tips to keep your elevator pitch, and your business, from becoming, " dead inside".

1. Start by listening first.....
Way too many times on TWD our heroes get into trouble because they rush right into some unknown situation. The same can happen when networking. If you listen to what the people around you are saying about themselves, you get better information on whether these people can use your service or even if they are your competition. Listen first then you can....

2. Craft your pitch to the group...
Now that you know who they are, you can augment the information in your elevator pitch to fit this particular grouping of networkers. This lets you be seen in the best possible light by these people and can even make you seem like you have everything they need. You can be their very own "Daryl Dixon".

3. Know when to run away...
Sometimes the walkers just overwhelm you, time to just run away! Same goes for business networking. Not everyone is going to respond to your pitch, laugh at your jokes or want your business card, don't take it personally, remember zombies are brainless after all, and they don't make the best decisions. Don't become one of the mindless hoard, seperate yourself and move on.

So, take a little advice from everyone's favorite Sunday Night Fright Fest and avoid having that elevator pitch of yours become " dead inside".


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