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02/01/2016 02:41pm
Get More Trade From Your Trade Shows

Trade Shows, Too Much Show, Add More Trade

Trade shows can be a great learning experience for attendees and a wonderful sales resource for vendors, so why are they so often only a very expensive waste of time?

After all, most quality trade shows have thousands of interested consumers walking just inches past your product and your sales team, so why are sales being generated at a higher rate?

The biggest problem is most vendors address their sales pitches at a trade show in the same manner as they do from their office or store. This is why everything from booth design, to choice of staff, to even sales pamphlets and swag need to be addressed from a different perspective.

1. Booth Design- Your booth should be a welcoming area, not just a gigantic billboard for your company. If you set up your booth to keep people out, to stand in the aisle, why would they feel welcomed? Or that you care about your customers? Also, if they enter your space, they are much more likely to interact with your staff before moving on, than if they have to stand in the aisle.

2. Staffing- This is your most important decision because a good sales team can overcome a bad bad booth design, but not much can save you from a bad staff. For trade shows, people want answers to all their questions, make sure to have a field rep or operations person who can answer any technical questions with expertise. The more diverse talent you have in your booth, the more competent your company appears on the day to day operation. Also, make sure you have someone who knows how to ask the right questions TO the show attendees. Sometimes people don't know they want, or need, your product. Henry Ford used to say , "If you asked my customers what they wanted, they would've said "faster horses"." Make sure you have someone who knows how to show people that you have something better than a "faster horse".

3. Handouts and Swag- Keep your trade show handouts simple. After all, once they get back to their office you don't want them just reading about your product, you want them talking to an expert who works for you. Design your handouts to generate interest and questions. Questions like, "How can I use this product to improve MY business?". These are questions that should be answered by your staff, not a pamphlet.
As for swag, make sure your giveaways are representative of your product or are so cool or utilitarian, that they will be displayed in a workspace that can generate calls or contact through your website.

These are very basic tips to help you rethink how you think about trade shows. We hope this helps you add to your bottom line. If you would like in depth assistance, just visit www.theomalleyproject.com
and we can help you with all your trade show questions.


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