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Richard O'Malley

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10/05/2015 02:34pm
Wanna Start Something?

Wanna "Start" Something???

I once saw a man say, "We have the power to start the world all over again.". The man I saw was Ronald Reagan, and he was quoting Thomas Paine. Both of these men are considered American patriots and both had the ability raise spirits and to lead people when they were confused, scared or lost. Both of these men had concerns with leading a country, a people, in a certain direction, their direction, your direction. The same can be done with your business.

As a business owner, you have the ability to "start the world over again" with the decisions you make. You are not locked in to any product, service or even mode of management that you are dissatisfied with. Remember why you took the entrepreneurial route in the first place, to steer your own course, don't let fear and circumstance become your navigator.

When many people read that quote they are drawn to the word "power" as if power is all you need to guarantee success. But the word I'm drawn to most is "start". "Start" truly has all the real power in that quote, it is a beginning and beginnings are full of promise, hope and imagination. A car is just a little room until you decide to start it. The start is what makes it go and takes you to where you want to be. As a manager and a business owner be careful to not be distracted by power, it is alluring and obvious, but it doesn't take you anywhere, it just allows you to make a start. Now for the hard part, what exactly should you do to "start your world over"?

1. Measure EVERYTHING: Too many people rely on instinct when facts are readily available. Do you know who relies on instinct? Gamblers, losing gamblers. Stop managing your business on hunches and your gut. Have a reason for your decisions that are based in evidence. There are reasons the most successful managers in the world are trained in Six Sigma or TQM, those reasons are measurements. You can't start something over, if you don't really know where you are.

2. Be brave: Starting your business required courage most people don't have. They trade dreams for stability, a paycheck for their promise, and you decided to risk it. Don't lose that bravado. If you follow step one, you have the information you need to to back that bravery. It is not false bravado, just another start. Be brave and remember how good it feels.

3. Bring Others Along: Just like Reagan or Thomas Paine, LEAD. If you are a "one man show" align yourself with other brave, smart people. Share your ideas, your reasons and your courage. After all, the first word of that quote is "We", they did not possess the hubris to think that they could do it alone, nor should you. There truly is strength in numbers, there is also more bravery and more reasons. Together you can start the world over again, so, what are you waiting for?


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