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Debra Bartz

Debra A. Bartz, M.S., AADP Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Master Transformational Life Coach and Hormone Trained Specialist. Transforming lives from nutritionally deprived into a body bursting with energy and believing that there is a purpose for each one of us to make a differ...

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08/06/2015 09:28pm
How to Cure Hay Fever

With the nagging symptoms of hay fever, the focus is mainly on environmental triggers like pollens, animal dander, dust, etc. Clearing your environment of all these things is important if you suffer from serious allergies. However, this is only half of the big picture. A true cure for hay fever requires "cleansing your internal environment." If your insides are shipshape, then the external factors that fuel your allergies just won't trigger the same reactions. Since I have reduced my body's and clients' inflammation, we have experienced such radical diminishing of runny noses, itchy eyes, scratchy throats, headaches, losing weight and other symptoms without prescription or non-prescription drugs. Even without locking ourselves inside until winter. There are a few changes that will have to be undertaken.
First and foremost is cleaning up your diet. Please eliminate any foods that contain yeast that may contribute to Candida overgrowth. It is not only a "female" problem. Common factors include antibiotic use and a heavily-processed, high sugar diet which can contribute to bacterial imbalances. This paves the path to Candida colonization in your gut. Yeast overgrowth compromises your digestive tract's integrity by weakening the walls of your small intestine causing "leaky gut." This allows food particles, yeast and other toxins to permeate your gut's lining and trigger systemic reactions. I found it also undermines your immune system and trains your body to be hyper-vigilant toward all kinds of substances it may not have responded to before. Candida can actually create allergies where there were none before and make existing allergies to worsen.
With yeast overgrowth, it requires eliminating sugar or any food that converts to sugar in your body like white bread, pasta, etc. Even cheese and fermented foods also are to be included in this category. Look online for a complete list of foods. Here is a short list you can use as a guide: sugar, fruit juice or fruit, simple carbohydrates and starches, fermented foods, vinegar, cheese, smoked meats or fish and mushrooms. Please get rid of them. It could be making your allergies worse. Identifying other food sensitivities will take a bit of detective work. There is an ALCAT test on the market and it is the easiest way which does not require a doctor's visit. There are other companies out there that may have similar tests, but it takes time to track down a company to do it for you.
However, what I offer, in addition to access to these types of tests, and while awaiting the results, is a food elimination strategy. It is cheaper and it's reliable and not an easy one. You will need to avoid certain groups of foods, several at a time, for three weeks each. Then, you can add one food back from each category every five days. The general categories of foods include anything containing dairy, wheat, corn, chocolate, soy and caffeine. It looks pretty straightforward, but it can actually be pretty tricky. Each category of food contains many different food items, especially abundant in processed foods and may be hidden under different names on the ingredients list. You'll even find these allergens in some non-food items.
Also, you will want to keep a food diary along with a log of how you feel and any symptoms that may pop up as you re-introduce each allergen. When all is said and done, this process may take up to six-months to complete. Once this is done, you'll need to go onto the second phase of nutritional supplementation. Remember for lasting results, you will need to correct your diet and taking a few nutrients so you can cure your allergies.
This strategy takes several months and it isn't as easy as popping a pill. However, as anything in life that has lasting results, your lifestyle familial diet habits may need to be modified to give your body resilience against our ever-changing environment. Control what you can inside. I did not say it would be easy.


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