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Shaan Rai

I am a UK trained Chiropractor originating from London. I have been practicing in Singapore for the past year, with experience helping athletes and business people, aging from 3 weeks to over 90 years old. My expertise are focused on helping people achieve better help through Chiropractic care and c...

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02/16/2017 11:15pm

Many people complain of tightness in their neck and shoulders and it has become a growing pandemic around the world. Doctors estimate more than 7 out of 10 people will experience neck pain, and over the past 20 years it has been on the increase, but why?

What makes up the neck?
The neck is the top part of our spine, made up of 7 bones and discs which allow us the flexibility we need in day to day life. However, in recent decades the way we move our neck has changed. Instead of people looking up at life we’ve started to look down more and more at screens, both at home and in our personal lives. The increase in desk (or sedentary) jobs has led to people slumping their shoulders and their neck slipping forwards. When we sit or stand, the centre of our ear should be in line with the centre of our shoulder.
“Did you know that for every our head moves forward it adds another 10 pounds our head has to carry? Our head already weighs as much as a bowling ball, so that’s a lot of work for our poor necks!”
Our necks are also designed to have a light curve allowing the nerves that come from the neck to pass out easily and not being pinched. However, when we look down at our phones for extended times its reverses this curve, pinching and irritating the nerves. This causes pain and can even affect how our muscles and nerves work; this can even lead to headaches and arm problems. Pain is one of the last symptoms!

How can Chiropractic help?
As a Chiropractor I work with lots of clients with neck tension, and those with subluxations that could develop into neck pain in the future. I take a detailed history to find out how the pain started and what makes it better and worse. I then do physical tests, and if you’re a candidate for Chiropractic we will start adjustments on the first day. These adjustments have helped our clients to return to the things that matter most to them.

Call us today to see how Chiropractic care can help your neck pain or for a consultation to prevent issues in the future.


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