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Shaan Rai

I am a UK trained Chiropractor originating from London. I have been practicing in Singapore for the past year, with experience helping athletes and business people, aging from 3 weeks to over 90 years old. My expertise are focused on helping people achieve better help through Chiropractic care and c...

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02/17/2017 12:10am

Many people have experienced pain in their shoulders and arms, especially those who sit more for their work. I see lots of clients that tell me they go for regular massages or acupuncture but the pain always comes back. Is it a problem in the shoulder and arm or is it from somewhere else?

What is the shoulder?
Our shoulder is made up of our upper arm, our shoulder blade and our upper chest. This has lots of muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves in the area. When we have proper posture and a healthy strength of muscles then the parts of the shoulder maintain a healthy balance. However, if we have weaker muscles or bad posture then some of the parts can get too close and rub together, such as the muscles. This can irritate them and cause pain.

How is the neck linked to the shoulder and arm?
When we have poor posture this also leads to our neck moving further forward, which put pressure on the nerves that leave the neck. These nerves are extremely important as they supply information to the head, neck, shoulder, arm, wrist hand and the fingers! The top part of the neck directly connects to the brain so if the pressure increases here it can affect all the nerves and information passing to the whole body! So why does massage feel better?
“When we have spinal misalignments, the muscles surrounding where the nerve exits can tense up and spasm. This is our bodies loving way to protect us, but it causes us pain. Massage will relax the muscle, but it won’t take the pressure off the nerves. If the muscles are protecting the nerves this can actually make things worse!”
Therefore if the neck isn’t working well it can cause problems all the way down to the fingertips, and this won’t truly change with just massage or acupuncture. These other treatments are useful once the nerves are flowing more freely.

How can Chiropractic help?
As a Chiropractor I endeavour to find the real cause of your problem, whether this is due to a problem in the shoulder, the neck or potentially both! Physical tests will be done to confirm where the problem is, and if you are a Chiropractic candidate we still start treatment.

Call us today to find out how we can help you with your shoulder and arm pain so you can live life to the fullest.


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