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Shaan Rai

I am a UK trained Chiropractor originating from London. I have been practicing in Singapore for the past year, with experience helping athletes and business people, aging from 3 weeks to over 90 years old. My expertise are focused on helping people achieve better help through Chiropractic care and c...

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02/17/2017 12:28am

In the modern world we have a population that is living longer than ever, aided by advancements in technology and medicine. But what is the quality of these later years? It shouldn’t be enough to live for a long time but also aim to maintain a high quality of life for as long as we can. Living to 300 years would be an amazing feat however enjoying those years should be just as important as living as long as we can. What can we do to truly improve our quality of life?

In recent decades we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives. Our bodies are made up of an intricate array of tissues allowing us to move in all manner of directions, whether we want to bend, flex or even do somersaults! But in the last half a century this we have devolved from mobile beings to sedentary organisms, having to work in seated positions and choosing to relax on a couch rather than getting out and moving more. We look down at phones, despite our necks being designed to look towards the horizon, and we curve our backs forward even though they’re designed to keep us upright. Technology and the change in vocations have left us curled into a ball, fighting against our programming. As we grow older this will only continue, and as we age our bodies will harden and render us stuck in these new positions we have subjected ourselves to.


What can we do?
The smart thing is to keep active and keep moving. Exercising regularly, stretching and eating healthy foods are ways to reduce the aging process on our bodies.
Exercise adds a positive stress, forcing our body to react and get stronger and work better. There are studies that show exercise increases our tolerance for pain, as well as improving our mood, sleep and even helping our brain work more efficiently, therefore making it easier to learn new things. Stretching keeps the muscles more elastic and increases the mobility of the joints, preventing us getting stiff. Eating healthy foods gives our bodies the building blocks to recover properly and to reduce inflammation.
“Life should be more than about being present, it should be about freedom, whether that means doing the things we enjoy or discovering new parts of life to love”

But what if I don’t like sports or vegetables?
Taking small steps in what we eat will have big effects over time. If we reduce our sugar in 2 meals a day from Monday to Friday, that equates to a reduction in sugar in 500 meals in just a year! Exercise should ideally be something you enjoy, whether that’s through sport or other forms, such as dance. Exercise doesn’t have to be especially vigorous; 30 minutes walking a day will help to decrease the risks of diabetes and heart disease, while keeping the joints in the hip moving well.
“Remember even if you move slowly you’re still faster than everyone sitting on the couch”

How can Chiropractic help?
We always strive to improve the quality of our client’s lives. This is why we continually quest for improvements not just in their pain and symptoms, but also in how they experience everyday life. Improvements can also be seen in flexibility, mobility, stress control, and happiness, all leading to clients who are more empowered and inspired for life. Current research shows improvements in both body and brain function with Chiropractic adjustments, which are vital when ageing.

Call us today to find out how we can help you tackle ageing head on and live life to the fullest.


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