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Susan Liddy

Susan Liddy, emotional mastery expert for life, body and business, holds a master's degree in counseling psychology. A Professional Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, Susan is CEO of Susan Liddy International, which she founded in 2004. Susan's innovative tools include her "Fearless FEMp...

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03/03/2011 02:19pm
The Social Media Sisterhood: Women Supporting Women Across the World Wide Web

Women today are actively striving toward a more meaningful life: one of thriving versus merely surviving, of giving versus merely receiving, of experiencing versus merely existing. And today women are seeking more control over their destiny. One way 21st century women are accomplishing this is through launching small businesses. Enter today’s FEMpreneur.
Over the past 50 years women’s role on the economic playing field has shifted. No longer is a woman’s income considered discretionary or “pocket money.” According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, 3 percent of all women-owned firms have revenues of $1 million or more compared with 6 percent of men-owned firms. Female owned businesses are on the rise as well and are projected to play a large role in job creation. The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute forecasts that women will play a large role in job creation, anticipating that they will create 5 million to 5.5 million new jobs within the United States by 2018.
Today’s businesswomen are doing things a bit differently than their traditional male counterparts. Female business owners are bringing their strong feminine qualities to the business arena. The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute reports that female business owners are more intimately involved with their company’s strategic direction and what their customers want. Additionally, FEMpreneurs tend to be more community and environmentally focused and committed to creating opportunity for others.
In this ever changing business environment, success no longer hinges upon using fear based marketing to sell an excellent product. Success requires transparency, a community of support and the ability to form deep and meaningful relationships with customers and other likeminded business owners – factors to which many FEMpreneurs are instinctually attuned.
Thanks to the Internet and the rapidly growing Social Media phenomenon small business owners can easily establish crucial relationships that are critical to their success. FEMpreneurs do not need to work in isolation, cut off from their marketplace, nor do they need to be the only one promoting their products and services. Today, small business owners can create “virtual marketing teams” that cost ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, all based upon reciprocity.
And, thanks to the Internet and Social Media, small business owners can extend their reach beyond their local region and into the global marketplace. With a value packed blog, an established social network and connections with other small business owners, today’s FEMpreneur can sell her products and services to consumers worldwide.
Our answer to the need for collaboration and community is The FEMpreneur Fraternity, a body of female entrepreneurs with a common goal to come together to learn together, support one another and tap into the enormous “word of mouth” power that today’s Social Media environment affords. This is a place for women to do what they do best: connect and communicate with other women in small business.
Within the FEMpreneur Fraternity, FEMpreneurs connect with other likeminded business owners to form joint ventures, collaborate and brainstorm, foster networking relationships and syndicate one another’s content across the Web.
FEMpreneur Fraternity members also enjoy cutting edge training in the form of online videos, articles and audio files on women-related topics within and outside of the business world. Within the learning center of the fraternity, members submit their own content offering support and guidance, not only for business but also for parenting, relationships, weight loss and many other areas of interest to women today. The learning center area of the fraternity is supplied by member content, giving members the chance to SHINE among their peers, get comfortable in front of an audience, get real time feedback from other women and increase their word-of-mouth currency across other member’s Social Media Networks.
Women are making a huge impact on the world of small business.


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