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Linda Hampton

I'm a business coach who mentors women over 50 on how to build their businesses - I think of myself as a partner in their success. I don't hold back information - and deliver additional surprise value to my clients. I share the exact knowledge you need to market your business online and offline. ...

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07/05/2011 10:43pm
Brilliant Boomer - Is Lack of Energy Sabotaging Your Business Growth?

Powerful people have the ability to get what they want, to attract great opportunities. We are all powerful in our own way but everyone can increase their own natural power and have more energy. And the formula is simple....to increase your natural power eliminate the things in your life that drain your energy.

If you're starting a new business or expanding your current one, feeling tired and less then enthusiastic about your business and everything that needs to be done can be damaging. As a boomer myself I know what it feels like to not be as energized as I use to be.

So why is this so important? Without enough emotional and physical energy quite frankly you'll get very little done and what does get done may not be the most important and valuable tasks to grow your business.

The fact is, by the time we reach the "youthful" age of 50, many people begin to experience increased forgetfulness and fear this has a medical base. In most cases, increased forgetfulness is actually linked to stress or things that drain your energy, which is often at its peak at this point in life.

Start energizing your life by getting rid of everything you're putting up with. Here are 3 steps you can take to give your energy drain a swift kick in the rear.

1. Eliminate the petty stuff. You might be tolerating an overflowing inbox, unpaid bills you have to figure out, a home repair that needs attention or even a dirty car. Or maybe the stuff is bigger, friends and family not keeping promises, a spouse that chronically doesn't keep commitments or a boss with a management style the polar opposite of your own. Everything you're tolerating is draining your energy.

To eliminate what you're putting up with simply write down a list at least 100 different things to get them out of your head and on a piece of paper. Now set aside an entire day to begin working on the list. Some of the things you won't be able to handle in one day and that's ok. The important thing is to get started

2. Plug the energy drains. Lots of things drain our energy that we're not even aware of. These things are actually addictions. Take television for instance, when was the last time you felt great positive energy after watching TV? Other addictions include the newspapers, a gossiping friend neighbor or co-worker, maybe even eating that sweet chocolate bar every afternoon.

The best way to plug energy drains to replace them with new healthy habits.

3. Start 7 healthy habits a day.

a. Take a daily nature walk

b. Eat consciously savoring the flavors of your food while choosing healthy foods.

c. Tell someone you love them

d. Plan your day/ Better yet plan your week and your month.

e. Pamper yourself

f. Clean off your desk at the end of our day

g. 15 minutes of silence every day

As you get older, and hopefully wiser you become more centered. Learning to eliminate the stressors we're not as easily frazzled or upset, and with more energy you can get more done. The best news is we have control over how we choose to handle a situation therefore how much energy we have.

Living a lifestyle that boosts your energy improves the quality of your life and the quality and profit of your business. You'll be able do more, think clearer and have more fun. You are a brilliant boomer and don't let anybody stop you from living a radiant life


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