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Carl David

I am first and foremost an art dealer (3rd generation in our 4th generation family owned and operated Fine Art Gallery; David David Gallery, Philadelphia). This is not just a profession but a life style as it is a full on passion. I am also a writer. My latest book, "Bader Field; How my Family ...

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07/19/2011 03:14pm
"Letting Go"

At the age of 13 our beloved Schippereke, Nellie, developed a melanoma on her pad. We had it removed and she healed well. After a chest x-ray (which was good) the oncologic vet wanted to radiate her five times a week for six weeks, putting her under each time. I was furious and said we'd treat her ourselves with herbs, I learned of a great herbal combination called, "Detox" from www.herbdoc.com and gave it to her every day. We gave her three really good years.

Up to the age of 16 shape was great but developed a malignant tumor in her upper nasal passageway which we discovered after she was sneezing blood. The rhinoscopy confirmed it but the surgeon said to keep treating her with the medicinal mushrooms and herbs and not do surgery unless her breathing became impacted. For a few weeks she seemed okay and then developed breathing problems and more bleeding. It was time to remove the tumor so we had the surgery.

That night after the surgery (which was successful) in the vet hospital Nellie ran a very high fever which they were able to lower and we took her home the next afternoon. The evening proved to be horrible as she was not herself, could not stand on her own, could not see and later began convulsing. We rushed her back to the hospital ER where the Doctor stabilized her but said her systems were shutting down. They could sustain her on life support which I first opted for but after my wife and talked, I realized that this was for me, and not for Nellie.

We had to let her go, for to keep her alive like that was cruel and selfish. The choice was taken from us, thank God, so we held her with love as we tearfully let her go home. That was one of the hardest things we ever had to do but we knew that it was the right time and that she was at peace.

She came to visit us in spirit that evening as we were watching television. Suddenly I felt her electric body snuggle up next to me tingling on the floor by my legs where she always sat with us. I knew with total familiarity and certainty that it was Nellie. She came to let us know that she was absolutely fine and grateful and wanted to make sure that we were okay. I knew then for sure that we had done the right thing.

Ironic that I am writing this story now as it is exactly two years today/tomorrow that we lost her.......

Carl David
David David Gallery
260 S. 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215-478-5335 (cell)


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