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Rev. Marilyn Redmond

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Authors, Communication, Education, Family, Health & Fitness, Lifestyles, Love & Relationships, Mental Health/Psychology, Parenting, Personal Finance, Personal/Business Coaching, Religion/Spirituality


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Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, is a professional speaker, teacher, international prize winning writer, author, counselor, and consultant focusing on personal and spiritual growth. As a professional psychic and medium she understands the dynamics of the universe in our lives.

She works with all illness, addictions including alcoholism, domestic violence, PTSD,depression, mental illness, relationships, health, healing, spirituality, and education. Her experience has resulted in wisdom from healing her addictions, diseases, and traumas.

Her first book is �Roses Have Thorns, Encouragement on Evolving from Pain to Joy.� Her book including her E-books are on Amazon.com. Her forthcoming book, Her lastest book is, "The Real Meaning of 2012, A New Paradigm Bring Heaven to Earth" �"Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real",� will reveal innovative and cutting edge answers to our problems and illnesses.

She shares thirty years of research and experience for solutions encouraging health, healing, and happiness for transformation in your life. She was inducted into �Who�s Who for Professionals and Executives� for her innovation and pioneering work in restoring traumatic lives, healing emotional causes of illness and releasing negative energy.

Marilyn is inspirational and her knowledgeable presentations from personal understanding as an international lecturer, college teacher, counselor, consultant, and minister offer insight. In addition she is an award-winning international writer, author, consulatnat, and columnist appearing at conventions, Universities, seminars, retreats, treatment centers, and banquets. Her successful radio show, �Marilyn�s Solutions� along with her many interviews on radio and appearance on television, �Ascending with Angels� are always a happy success.

Marilyn has many videos on You Tube for learning, and to enjoy. Her blog is marilynredmondbooks.blogspot.com Her web site is:angelicasgifts.com. Her books and E-books are at Amazon.com

Reverend Marilyn Redmond is a Spiritualist minister. She is a college graduate, BA in Ed. (retired teacher), with three years of graduate work, and currently pursing a D.S. in Holistic Counseling. She is internationally board certified for regression therapy and past life regression.

Check out her new web site: angelicasgifts.com. Amazon.com, Youtube, or her blog at http://www.marilynredmondblog.blogspot.com


education/health fitness/love and relationships/medical/health professional/mental health/psychology?religion/spirituality

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