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Rev. Marilyn Redmond

Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, is a professional speaker, teacher, international prize winning writer, author, counselor, and consultant focusing on personal and spiritual growth. As a professional psychic and medium she understands the dynamics of the universe in our lives. She works with all i...

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02/23/2011 12:03am
A Breakthrough for Living

Recently I, Marilyn Redmond, was nominated for Who’s Who in American Women because of my current work to help others. This groundbreaking technique to restore health to the root and source of your problems goes below the superficial band-aid to real recovery.

Regaining control of your life through Therapeutic Hypnosis and Holistic Counseling is now possible. Current research data proves that well-being and quality of life is improved through hypnosis. New tools for stability and confidence in your life bring relief. Holistic counseling offers a healthy life style incorporating your new awareness. Healing life’s problems, including health issues are no longer the mystery they once were. These new concepts offer results that work.

Move from victim to victory in your own life. When you seize accountability of your life, positive consequences are your reward like peace of mind, wholeness, good health, and loving relationships. Even your professional and social life improves. Why would you want to continue in the self-sabotage and frustration as you are living it, when solutions can replace the problems?

Trained in helping people identify and shift their sensitivity to a genuine understanding of life and releasing the blocks to happiness and well-being is easier than you think. As a professional consultant and Therapeutic Hypnotherapist promoting your potential, beyond your past or current roadblocks is my proficiency. I support recovery in all types of delicate difficulties and relationships, core issues, illnesses, addictions of alcoholism, domestic/school violence, rape, PTSD and more. I share research and solutions during your growth.

I have been a counselor for nearly twenty years. As a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, The International Board of Regression Therapy and an ordained minister your life is precious and valued. You deserve to be the best person you were born to be—happy, joyful, and free. Claim you health, healing, and happiness, today!


hypnosis, holistic health, regression therapy, healing, solutions to health
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