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Rev. Marilyn Redmond

Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT, is a professional speaker, teacher, international prize winning writer, author, counselor, and consultant focusing on personal and spiritual growth. As a professional psychic and medium she understands the dynamics of the universe in our lives. She works with all i...

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02/23/2011 01:07am
Violence is a Cry for Help

Violence is a disease that can be part of addiction/alcoholism/drugs or a separate disease process. People act out their pain; it is a cry for help. How do you legislate or punish a genetic, hereditary, and generational disease? The Band-Aid approach of changing behavior does not focus on the deeper problems. These are symptoms of a chronic, progressive, fatal disease. It is in epidemic proportions. With the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, Columbine, and others red flags as the Menendez brothers, O.J. Simpson and other local cases, what else need occur before people recognize that current solutions are not working? Because the media sensationalizes and does not always provide accurate information, public judgments form without all the data.

Let us stop the denial and talk about the elephant in the living room. The actions reported are only symptoms of a far deeper more complex problem, which includes physical and mental dysfunction. Realizing that all forms of violence originate from deep inner problems beyond those usually identified, is the answer.

The American Medical Association declared addiction a disease in 1956. These sick people need appropriate treatment. Only, with truth, knowledge, and compassion can people seek the help they need to restore a rational life style. This malady is usually generational, hereditary, with a chemical imbalance which ignites their acting out from pain.

Say, Yes to the truth. Healing from factual information the individuals can receive the necessary knowledge and appropriate counseling to change the direction of this descending spiral to tragic consequences. This persistent disease grows more severe over time and ends in insanity or death for themselves or others. Reality will set them free of their hopelessness, despair, and depression.

Seminars, lectures, and consultations on the dynamics of violence, can dispel old myths and nonproductive answers. Therapeutic Hypnosis and Holistic Counseling addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life for balance and wholeness. Personal recovery is possible with accurate information applied to heal the root causes.

Marilyn Redmond shares her own recovery from violent influences in her life, including domestic violence, through speaking, seminars, consulting,and counseling. She encourages everyone, "Let us show kindness and provide appropriate healing. It is time to present hope and compassion for those hurting. Recovery means people create a productive, contributing life style that benefits society."


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