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Marie Bethel

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Design, Religion/Spirituality


M3A Designs

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Fashion Designer

Marie Bethel was born in Trinidad, educated in Trinidad, Canada, USA, and United Kingdom. She has obtained a buisness-account diploma, while attending Alberta Vocational College graduating as a Nurse. She went on to having a successful nursing career. Aside from working as a Nurse she had a natural love for fashion designing, tailoring her own line of nursing uniforms for colleagues and friends. This passion grew to a need she had to explore.

In 1982 Marie acted on her passion attending various designing courses, and fashion schools to finally being accepted as a student at the International Academy of Designs in Toronto, Canada. In 1996 the self motivated young designer graduated receiving a diploma as a certified fashion designer. After graduating she worked in New York as a freelance designer; and designed costumes, and evening wear dresses for the annual Labour Day Carribean Carnival festival.

In 1998 Marie studied at the Manhattanville Needle Trade School in the Bronx, New York as a Tailor, while continuing to work as a freelance designer.
To further her knowledge in fashion she relocated to London, England UK to pursue her career as a designer in 2005 attending the University of Arts London School of Fashion, while designing clothes for local clients including Mr. Malcolm Stewart Director of Gallia Textiles, United Kingdom.

In 2006 Marie graduated as a Pattern Technologist using the Gerber System, Mac, PC, Illustration, and Photoshop. In 2007 she was fortunate to bond a new working relationship with her soon to be mentor, and employer Mr. Albert Alinterdonato working as an assistant designer in the House of Albert in Florida USA. Adapting and developing quickly she soon then became one of Mr. Albert's head designers in 2009. As a separate project she headed her own fashion line " Couturier Fashions," modelling couture and evening dresses in the "Fashion Island Expo' in Staten Island, NY in 2011. Currently Marie is working on forming a new buisness utilizing the relationships and consulting with her former employer and mentor Mr. Albert Alinterdonato.

The fashion world is buzzing and looking for new fresh ideas to elevate the industry and the time has come from the very creative Marie Bethel to shake things up. She believes in creating " a one of a kind garment," her patients, hard work and years of experience will pay off indeed.


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