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Marie Bethel

Fashion Designer Marie Bethel was born in Trinidad, educated in Trinidad, Canada, USA, and United Kingdom. She has obtained a buisness-account diploma, while attending Alberta Vocational College graduating as a Nurse. She went on to having a successful nursing career. Aside from working as a Nu...

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10/28/2014 01:33pm
' It Is Time The Church Tell The People The Truth:- Revelation'

I had always honoured every living thing, such as trees, plants, animals, etc; with respect. I thanked the trees for there leaves and flowers whenever I used them to make medicine. Everything living considered to be mean, unkind, and critical disappears, and is replaced by graciousness, gentleness, and unselfishness. The change is so complete that a person is hardly recognizable by his or her friends. It is as though I have been born again. The power of the Holy Spirit is so great, so limitless that it can bring about a complete transformation of a person. As the Apostle Paul said, " if anyone is in Jesus, he is a new creation; the old is passed away; behold the new has come. ' Corthinthians:5-17.

There were times when I wish to interact with another human being about my spitritual experiences; but afraid to mention anything; fear that they would assume that I was crazy. I encountered many visitors from Angel Garbriel, Angel Bethel, Jesus, John the Baptist, Ezekiel-Siekel, Moses, Anna the Prophetess, and other Angelic beings. Even Satan himself visited me one night in the form of a tremendous serpent, he stood tall in my bedroom from the flooring to the ceiling, he said,' they will not believe you." I heard a voice shouted out!" Satan get behind thee," and Satan disappeared immediately. Many times when I am taking notes, or listening to the Archangels, I fell asleep with my night lamp on, in the morning I found the note pad and pencil on the floor. I felt as though I was becoming an immmortal being, and that one day I might disappeared into the spiritual sphere in my dreams or visions. whenever I am retiring to bed, I will say these words of prayer, " Lord thy God, I commend my spirit unto you, believing that these words will sustain my soul, wherever I may enter into the spiritual realms, it will be with the true and living God and the Angelic beings, or wherever my ancestors may lay.

I was more ready to apologise to a beggar than to bow down before Kings and Queens. There must have been times when I hushed my voice in the presence of the trees and flowers; so as not to disturb their sleep. My humility was not the humility of self abasement but utter self-disterestedness. Moreover, I never had a desire to bother myself, and to have much pleasure in worrying about others. After praying and meditating at last I grasped the great spiritual pride in the gift of my revelation, and hesitation to preach to others. But the zeal of the prophet soon overwhelmed me. I spoke to people the word of God, ' that the true path to salvation lies in no outward realm, but within the spirit of each individual.'

Jesus of Nazareth was born on August 15, and he was arrested, tried condemmed and excuted for sorcery. "He was slew and hanged on a tree. " Acts 10:34-41. That is all of which I am certain, " but he was not the founder of Christianity, it was issued from Christ." It is not possible to have Christianity without Christ. That, I say is unchallengeable, because the world had Christianity before Jesus was born. I say that there were Christians before the time of Jesus in this sense, that the followers of these religions, in these countries, worshiped a virgin-born Saviour God, who suffered death for the sins of mankind, rose from the dead and ascened into heaven. It flourished under many names, but now spoken of as paganism, which covers the religions of Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt and Babylon, the countries surrounding Palestine.

February, 1992- Anna the prophetess and John the Baptist had given me this message. " Thus say the Lord thy God, it is time the Church tell the people the truth. they were talking about the Roman Catholic Church.
Anna the prophetess said that Napitilah Naisiah was written on Jesus of Nazareth tombstone."
Like everything else on earth, had a beginning, it was not new, only something dressed in a new garb and given a different name; that being so, what goes under the name of Christianity was not new. Christianity was but a new name for very old ideas. Its immediate ancestor was Gnosticism, whose followers worshiped the son of god as Saviour and redeemer, under the name of 'Christos.'

I cannot find in Christianity one new thought, one new idea, one word of wisdom and instruction which was not contained in the religious and philosophies which preceded it, and I challenge you to prove me wrong. Like all ancient religions, produced in the days of ignorance, it inverted the order of nature and preached the fall instead of the progression of humanity. Though I admit that the church just produced, at its inception, what its supporters desired, this does not away a basis in truth but was a theological speculation, based on pagan mythology, from first to last, which was given to the people as actual historical fact.

Children in the nursery are told fairy tales to keep them happy. The human race in its craving about hereafter, but when the race evolves it cannot do otherwise than look back on the organization responsible for these stories; with contempt unless it makes the effort to rise mentally along with the community.
Instead of so doing of being God's representative on earth, when every intelligent person now knows that they are merely legends and myths, and that the clergy have no basis whatever for their divine claims. Jesus, his correct Hebrew name Jehoshua, for the last hundred years has been the subject of intense research, and the thoughts of the greatest minds of the most erudite scholars have been centered on him for the purpose of discovering who he was, when he lived, and what he taught.

Jesus and Christ are two different individuals, Jesus is the son of God, and Christ is the Gnostic Anti-Christ. Jesus was hanged on a tree, and the Gnostic Christ was crucified and died on a cross. We have already discussed about Jesus of Nazareth death, the Christ that crucified; was another name for the Egyptian's god.
Holy Communion is given by the Church as a symbol of the blood and body of Jesus, if we read Leviticus verse 18-14 clearly stated that blood is life.' For it is the life of all flesh is the blood therof:Whosoever eateth it shall be cut off. The church must admit that they have mis-interpreted mythology and turned it into history. If they have any pretence to honesty, admit their mistakes and their numerous past errors and shortcoming, otherwise the sword of truth will be for ever hanging over their heads, liable at anytime to fell on them when the cord of ignorance is broken by education.

In 1983 Jesus said, 'tell the people they are calling my name, calling my name, do they really believe in me? If ten people are going to church only two believe in him.' The Christian church would collapse, as it is founded on creeds, rites, and ceremonies, and not, I say again, on the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. The church has been hiding behind closed doors too long, and it is time to tell the people the truth. There are many Scriptures in the Bible that was taken from Egyptians religions and followed by paganism rituals.
St. John 15-19 If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
Verse 19: If ye were of the world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
St. Luke 7-27 This is he, of whom it is written, behold I send my messenger before thy face, which prepare thy way before thee.
St. Mathew 13-9 They are walking in darkness. Jesus said, ' who hath ears to hear, let him hear.'

This is a true, but unforgetable story. It was December 1983; my son returned home from his grand mother. He was 18 months old when my ex-husband took him out of the country, and left him with his grand mother for three years. He was 4 years old when he returned home to me, and my other two children. Obiviously, I wanted him to have the best Christmas he ever experience. I purchased a 6 ft. Christmas tree, and spent approxiametly $200.00 on Christmas decorations, and made all their favourite treats, and food.The Christmas songs playing on the radio, the sweet smell of cakes and freshly baked bread; it brought back memories of my childhood.
We decorated the Christmas tree three days before Christmas, and put all the gifts under the tree; and it looked lovely. On Christmas Eve night, we decided to retire early in bed, so the next day we could attend church. I had just turned off the television when I had a vision. I was walking down the hallway in a long brown dress, long sleeve, and matching veil. I came into the living room and saw a white man, he had blue eyes, white hair, and long white beard, stooping down under the Christmas tree. I asked him, 'who sent you? Did Moses send you? he did not answer, but shook his head so as to say no!' And I said to him, 'whatever not planted by the hands of the Almighty God, henceforth you go.' He then came out from under the Christmas tree and headed towards the balcony door, as I was leaving the room; he sneaked back under the tree. And I stretched my hand towards him ordering him to leave, he went through the balcony door immediately.

I awoke out of this vision instantly, and fully alert when I heard a man's voice shouted out! Read Jeremiah 10:1-6. I took my Bible off the night table, and read the very verses that were given to me. Hear ye the Lord, which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Isreal.
Thus saith the Lord, learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven: For the customs of the people are vain.
For one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.
They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers that it moves not.
They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not; they must needs to be borne, because they cannot go. Be not afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither also it in them to do good.
Forasmuch as there none like unto thee. O lord, thou art great, and thy name is great in might.
The next day I took the Christmas tree and threw it in a dumpster in my back yard; and explained to the children the reason for destroying the tree, and I never put a Christmas tree in my house again.

Christmas have nothing to do with the God of Abraham and Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was born August 15; he was not born on December 25. Christianity recognizing this special day called Christmas day December 25; claiming this day is to celebrate Jesus birthday.
Let us take a look at the Christmas tree, the hand of the workman. Jeremiah 10:1-6. Hear the words of the Lord, for the practices of the people are without honour.
For the workman cut a tree out of the forest with the axe. That tree Jeremiah talked about is the Christmas tree; the trees then sold to the people. They secure it with nails and hammers that it will not moved or fall, and deck it with silver and gold. You will find the Christmas trees in shopping malls, homes, and in parks etc. Now in modern times we have more than silver and gold to put on the tree, but various types of ornaments, and decorated lights to hang on the tree.

People intend to idolize the Christmas tree. They said, " The christmas trees are so beautiful; the tree do yo no good, no bad, so why have them?
The custom of the people are vain; the people intend to idolized the Christmas tree, but they do not idolized God. He said 'I am a jealous God' Exodus 20-5 Most of the people do not thank Him for the morning rising of the sun. A few thank God, but they do not walk in His laws; but most of them are walking in darkness. The hands of the workman creating idols out of wood, and stone, are cherished by many christians today. Exodus 20: 3-5.
The Roman Catholic Churces, and some Christians have displayed the idols on the altars, walls, in hallways, on front of the lawns, homes, etc. God and Jesus have no business with Christmas and Christmas tree. God passed a law about idol worshiping, and many people have idols in their homes, and kneel before them and pray.
Jeremiah 10: 10 But the Lord is the true God, he is the living God and everlasting King: at His wrath the earth shall tremble.

Read Psalm 115: verse 1-8 Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men's hands.
They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not.
They have ears, but they hear not; noses have they, but they smell not:
They have hands, but they handle not: feet have they, but they walk not: neither speaks them through their throat.
Verse -8 They that make them are like unto them; so is everyone that truseth in them.
Commandment V
Thou shalt have no other god's before me. I am the first and last, and the only true and living God: for I am the Lord thy God.


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