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11/25/2015 09:47pm
The Ancestors -The Book of Revelation

People may wonder where did I received my knowledge. I was taught by the Holy Spirit, and attended religious schools in my visions and dreams. In a vision Jesus took a tremendous black book called " The Book of Revelation," opened the book in half and place it on my head. it was so heavy that I fell on my knees. He tore the book in half, and he said, "eat this! for this is your knowledge, and study the other half." The book contained one thousand, one hundred and forty-four pages. Jesus said, " tell the people they are calling my name, calling my name, do they really believe in me! If ten people are going to church only two believe in me." An example of how philosophy, and facts displayed throughout the scriptures, Ezekiel 2:9-10 " and when I looked, behold a hand was sent unto me; and lo, a roll of book was therein." Ezekiel 3:1-2 Moreover He said unto me, son of man, eat that it is findest; eat this roll, go speak unto the house of Isreal. Verse 2:- So I opened my mouth, and caused me to eat that roll.
It is written that many are called but few have been chosen. As St. John 14: Verse 26 The Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Mathew 11: Verse 25. I thanked thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because this hast thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes and suckling's. On the third day of fasting I had a vision a man appeared unto me in ancient attire. He said, " my name is Jephthah, I am King of Ethiopia, then he took his gold ring that was on his small right finger, and placed it on my right small finger. I looked at the ring; it had a signet on it; just like the one on my pendant; this emblem signifies the seal of the Angelic beings. I had great difficulty remembering his name, but he said, " fear not, for I will write my name in your heart, that you will never forget." The next day I documented this empiricism in my dream book, and then I visited a gold smith and have him made a replica of King Jephthah's ring, and offered it to God, and wore the ring on my right finger vowing to never remove it.
God revealed the vision to me, that the man I met in my vision was Jephthah of Gilead and he was King of Ethiopia, a man who had given proofs of the highest valor in a predatory war against the neighboring tribes, the son of a harlot. On his father's death, he had been thrust out by his legitimate brethern, and fleeing to the land of Tob. When Isreal was in war with the Moab and Ammon, the Elders of Gilead sent for Jephthah, and prevailed on him to become their leader. After his victory, he was made a judge in Isreal. We must remember that there were Ethiopian's Israelites such as Moses wife. Later as the moral ideal of the Hebrew people became less narrowly thick and nationalistic, although there was still a party opposed to marriage of Hebrews with the 'heathen' women of the surrounding country; the beautiful idly of the book of Ruth was written to suggest the acceptability of such intermarriages.
The principle of the leviratical marriage was introduced in not this tale as a universally understood and accepted moral obligation by marrying Ruth, and some generations later their union led to the birth of King David. Thus a foreign wife, a Moabites woman from the most hated enemy of the Hebrew people, became the great-grandmother of one of the out-standing individuals in Hebrew history. Obiviously, although the author of the book of Ruth was too fine artist to belabor the marriage of Boar and Ruth in this remarkable fashion.
The biblical story of this beautiful black woman named Bath-she-ba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of the Hittite. A woman that David could not resist, that led him into temptation. David had her husband Uriah killed in Battle, in order to have his wife. God was displeased, and punished David for his transgressions. David married Bath-she-ba, she gave birth to a male child, and he called his name Solomon, and the Lord love him. Solomon became the chief of Isreal and when his father died, he became King of Isreal, and the wiset and richest King that ever lived. He had countless wives and concubines as his father David. He liked many foreign women, such as the Pharaoh's daughter, and Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia, who travelled many miles to hear the' wisdom of Solmon.' He could not abstain her beauty, she was of medium height, aproximately 5ft. 5ins, and well shaped, her lovely bronze smooth silky skin, and extremely brown eyes, long golden straight silky hair. She gave Solmon spices and gold, and returned he gave her all her desires; and impregnated her. She returned to Ethiopia with some scriptures, she bares him a son, and called his name Mendrick, who looked just like his father. She took the book of 'Job,' some proverbs, and a poet entitled " Songs of Solomon." Her favourite scripture was Job 4:4 " Thy word have upholden him that was falling, and thou hast stregthened the feeble knees."
"The Song of Solomon" Verse: 2-6
Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for love is better than wine.
Solomon wrote this poem for Queen of Sheba, 'Song of Solomon." He fully described himself and his lover Sheba. I am black and comely. Oh ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tens of kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. look not upon me; my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but my own vineyards have I not kept.
On my spiritual journey I met Queen of Sheba, a very beautiful woman, and she said, " I have something for you," and she took out a scroll and handed to me. I opened the scroll and it was written Corthians 20:Verse 20. And the word of God is whosoever has not received the seal of God written on their foreheads and hands shall be cast into the bottomless pit." When I woke up that morning I document the scripture in my dream book; and further realized this Chapter 20:Verse 20 was not registered in the Bible. it was a lost testament, and this prove that Queen of Sheba did received some doctrines from king Solomon.
The interracial marriage of the Israelites population begins with Joseph, brought by some traders from wandering Shepherds, sold as a slave in Egypt, and have risen from his state of slavery to be the first man in the Kingdom to rule over all the land of Egypt; and should have retained this power apparently during his whole life. It speaks volumes not only to favor of the high character of the man, but also of his great adminstrative abitlity.

Genesis 6:3 And the lord said My Spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be hundred and twenty years old. God did not create anything ugly. Have you ever seen an ugly flower, or an ugly plant? He created us a little lower than the Angels. Solomon said, 'I am black and comely;' (I am black and good looking). Where is it stated in the Bible or in the testatments the word' Negro or White?' It always refers to the word " Black, Red, or fair to look upon.' For example Esau and Jacob were twin brothers. Esau was red-modern times refers to white, Jacob was black. Two (twins) brothers that God told Rebekah that there are two nations in her womb. Two manners of people and the children struggle together within her womb. Esau born first and Jacob came out holding Esau's heel. It is predicted that Jacob's generation will work for Esau, and they will struggle for leadership. It began with two twin brothers, Genesis 25: Verse 19-34. In modern times Esau and Jacob's generations are still fighting with each other. Example on the internet:- Black and White twins and the Social Construction of Race by Lisa Wade, PHD. Aug.01, 2014.
Adam and Eve multiplied and replenished the earth with children simulating to the earth colours black and red. The Bible refers to Eve and Adam had two sons, Cain and Abel, because of jealousy of an offering to God, Cain killed Abel. Cain was driven out and went to the land of Nod, and he was marriied. It makes no sense, because that is a dead end street. Abel was a girl, a Sheperdess, because of a sacrifice to God. Cain was covetous and angry with his sister, and he raped her. The blood of innocent fell on holy grounds, and God knew what Cain had done, and called him a vagabound; he then married to his sister Abel and dwell in the land of Nod. Moreover, Adam and Eve had other children, and also Cain and Abel. The package that Eve received from Satan was full of deceptions, sins, diseases, and finally death. This is the reason women bring forth children in the world with labor pains because of Eve's transgressions; and is the comprehension of why God forbid oral sex, because Satan had oral sex with Eve. This is how Satan received his earthly powers, because he was a supernatural being. Man has to toil for their food, always be the bread provider; now in modern times women are being the bread providers also. " It is written man shall not lived by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth."
In a vision I heard God talking from heaven, and He said, " I will not destroy the animals, but will destroy the humans. Black is primitive, and so it shall be in the beginning so it shall be in the ending." When God spoke about primitive, He is not referring to education. The word primitive-prime means first. Black people were the first people on earth, and will be the last to leave. The first will be last, and the last will be first. Genesis:8 Verse 21. God establish this covenant to mankind that whenever we look at a rainbow in the sky, this is the promise He made to our fathers, " He will not destroy every living things.' Genesis:9 Verse 11-17. Some of the ancestors were so disobedient, worshipping of Egyptians idols, practicing black magic causes them to loose their way, and some of them were cast away from God into the dark continent of Africa; and others were scattered all over the earth. Moreover, their punishment were that some of their children will be born with features like some of their deities, with long lips, thick lips, big eyes, big nose, oblong head, resulting into deformities, and their evil ways came unto their children. Jeremiah 16: Verse 13-18.
The same procedure in which the ancestors committed blasphemy; because of their sexual orientations involving in Lesbians and Homosexual acts. This demeanor passes down to the nation's generations, and if these people investigate their antecedents history they will realized that one or two of their elders were a homosexual or lesbian. Sometimes this transgressions will skip a generation and passes down to another inheritance. People should not hurt, abuse, neither killed these people because of their sexual orientation, it is not their fault; but the liability were from their precursors. God destroyed Sodom and Gormorrah not only because of Lesbians and Homosexuals, but of their evil ways, and stubborness, and moreover, the worshipping of idols, and their subordinations against God consort this demeanor that returned to the generations like a cancer. The history of this sexual assimilation started with Eve and the Serpent which is Satan, the combination Satan gave Eve including the things that are happening in the world today. Commandment :V11. " The sins of the parents will fall unto the children, and unto the third, and fourth generations, that hate me."
In today's society we are experiencing malformations because of environment disasters, too much chemicals in the food, and it resulting into strange diseases, the return of leprosy, cancer etc. God was so annoyed with some of the black ancestors involvement of images, and process of enchantments, that He vanished them into the wilderness of Africa. He said " I will bring strangers unto your land, that is exactly what had happened. Outsiders came unto the land of Africa and put them into slavery. ' Can an Ethiopian change the color of his skin? Just like a leopard cannot change the color of its skin. All black people came from the land of Ethiopia, gold was running through the land of Ethiopia Genesis; 2 Verse 12-13. God created that city, but some of the descendants were very lawless, and continued with the Egyptians ways, adore images, and some of their children were born with the comparison of their statues. God said, ' they were the seeds of evil doers.' Psalm 78. That is the chronicle of some of the ancestors their children paid a high price, and ended up with disfigurement, because of the black magic that their parents were customs too.
The Ethiopians have no knowledge about their elders, they believe that some of them were Israelites, but they do not understand they all were Israelites in the beginning of times; but now most of them are Muslims. Luke 2:Verse 36-38 Anna the prophetess is a bronze skin comely woman, with long black curly hair, and she said, 'she is my ancestor, and we came from the tribe of Asher. A mix-breed tribe, with Egyptian's heritage, and they love gold.' This is true because I love gold, and God do not like ugliness. Why would He created some black people with flat nose, long lips, thick lips, and Kinky hair, our Heavenly Father did not formulate any human beings with unpleasant features, He design every individual beautifuly. Is the fault of some of our antecedents had done very wickedly in the site of God; and the infliction entered into their unborn children, and it became worst until some of our precursor had created a totally different human being.
People believed that the Jews are the only chosen nation. The realization are they were always Jews and nothing else but Jews, some of them were real Israelites. The Jews forefathers drove the blacks and mix-breed Israelites out of Jerusalem, and also killed some of them.' They said run for your life.' If you were red skin-white people, you can remained in Jerusalem. Why all of this tragedy happened? because of their disobedience against God; He had enough of their infraction; and was surfeited, He turned His back on them and abandon them to fight their own battles. Everything changes after the death of Jesus and all the disciples, prophets, and prophetess, God did not appointed anyone after they killed and tortured some of the apostles.
Let us look at the Ethiopians; they are good looking people, and all black people were comely in the beginning of times, but their demeanor changes because of some of the ancestors transgressions, and the practices of witchcrafts, and when God extinct them, they did not know who they are anymore, and created other nations in the dark continent of Africa, and other parts of the earth. They are the tribe that dwell with images and black magic, and their offspring's had no knowledge about God. They became great hunters, practice cannibal's sacrifice, devil worshipping, voodoo, black magic, sorcery, cutting up their skin, and decorated with animal's carcass, wild, and illiterate, living in grass houses make up with mud flooring, and develop a hold different traditions, and lifestyles.
The Jews elders distributed copies of the scriptures to the Romans under an oath; they promised the Romans that they would refrained from the knowledge of their statues are under the same gods they served from their forefathers. The Romans sworn that they would never published in their Bible that black or mix-breed people were Israelites. The Jews antecessers told the Romans, we the Jews must remained the chosen people at all times. The Jews and the Romans ancestors made a solemn oath to keep this secret. ( this oath was consecrated in blood). They took this secret to their graves, if anyone had ever spoke about it, they would have their tongue removed.
The Romans generatrions are the one that harming the Jews in modern times, but these modern Jews are innocent and have no idea what their forefathers had done. It is written whatever in the dark hast to come to light, and the truth shall set you free. Anna the prophetess and John the Baptist send this message for the people. "Thus saith the Lord thy God, it is time the Catholic Church tell the people the truth, because the Kingdom of God is near." There is absoloutely no reasons to be angry with these modern Jews, this happened many centuries ago, but it is time the Jews be aware why people are invading them? because they do not interfere with any other nations. Commandment :V11. The sins of the parents will fall unto the children, and unto the third, and fourth generations that hate me.
Things are going to get worst not better, too much wickedness in the world, and senseless killing of innocent people. Until the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob became surfeited and send a terrible plague to this world. God said, ' I will not destroy the animals, but I will destroy the humans.' Genesis:8-21. I will send a plague unto them, that they will not able to come out of their houses.' The Israelites is a nation, Black, Caucasian, Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, etc. These modern Jews are receiving everything they want in life, because they are the only group of people that are doing most of the things that God commanded such as Sabbath etc; for that reason they are being blessed financially. Their down fault is to love everyone regardless of color, race, or creed; then God will protect them from the violence they received from other citizens. You have to love one another, and do unto others as you may like them to do unto you." The induction of struggles goes on, and whatever the Jews ancestors had done, they are still paying for it. Commandment :V11. The sins of the parents will fall unto the children, and unto the third and fourth generations that hate me. We all falls short of glory. No one is perfect except God.

The narrations of various black descendants because of defiance, and their constant reverence of gods cause them to be enslavement, their children should have no blemish but good looking, frutiful, rich, and enjoying happiness. Their constant noncompliance with God causes them to struggle, and intruders put them into captivity. Don't blame God, He did everything possible, and then He had enough, and left men to do their own will; and let every top sit's on their own bottom. During Moses time, the agonist of Moses was the non-corporation of thoses stiff- neck people in the wilderness. God send fiery serpents that killed many of them. Numbers 21:4-9. Yet still God forgive them, and they tempted Him even more, and He let them remained in the wilderness for forty years, until all the elders died. Psalm 78:27-31.
The problem of retributions, constant mortifications by some of the Elders causes them to be cast away from God. He said, ' I will bring strangers unto your land." The land of South of Africa is what God had promised the Israelites, but because of their transgressions, foreigners came and took them away and put them into bondage. Isaiah the prophets walked naked and bare feet for the Ethiopians, but they wil not hear. He said,' your children will walk bare feet and bare bottom, starvation, famine, and everthing else bad happen to them in modern times. " Jeremiah talked to them, but they will not listened. God said," Ethiopia have to died; but they will arise again and taken what is theirs.'
The black and mix-breed Israelites ancestors the Jews driven them out of Jerusalem because of their skin color, they took what they could carried with them, and escaped for their life. and some of the tribes settled around the borders of Africa, and some were scattered all over the globe. The tribes that remained in Africa built a community, replica of Solomon's temple that was laid with gold, and pyramids and were very intelligent people. When the Europeans came to Africa they rape the women, and killed all the people, took their gold, diamonds, precious stones, and their scrolls from them, and left no evidence. The history of the black ancestors, were wise and charming brilliant descendants. No doctrines of them that the ancestors help builds pyramids and King Solomon's house. Their black smith and gold smith that was clever in making tools, swords, and working with gold, diamond, and precious stones. the Europeans make sure they left no proof of these exceptional people, destroyed everything. It was not just black people but a nation of different races that escaped from Jerusalem fearing for their lifes.
The Europeans went further into Africa and found another tribe that God had abolished into the forest of Africa, and the forenigers enslave them, they have lost their heritage; change their names, and later on taught them to speak English, and followed the Europeans lifestyles, including teaching them about the Bible. They shipped them to United Kingdom, United States, India, and the West Indies, and they sold them wherever they wanted to purchase slaves.
These Foreginers located another tribe in Africa named the Maccabees, and tried to imprisoned them, but they were too powerful, and the natives killed many of them. These people dealt with sorcery, black magic, and enchantments, and were the seeds of evil doers. This was another group of Israelites that God cast them away in the dark continent of Africa because of disobedient, and constant serving of dieties. The Outsiders had a very hard time to captured these Citizen; they shoot and killed all of them. Bomb their homes, and took their gold, diamonds, precious stones, and their scrolls, and anything valuable was taken away. If was not for their guns and weapons, is no way they could invaded these people. The Europeans did conquered other tribes in Africa and put them into bondage. It is from this particular tribe's scrolls the Europeans took their doctrines and published the Maccabees Bible, and learned their black magics and enchantments.
When the European went to Africa and saw these ingenious black and colored people, tribes have been killed and cities destroy, brilliant architecture buildings such as temples, and pyramids, have demolished by these outsiders leaving no proof behind; and left nothing concealed that the black and colored elders were exceptional. That African people are from the stone age. They are savage primitive, originated from apes. Killing these ancestors left the future generations quite lost and unintelligent beings and were scattered all over the earth by slave traders
Todays Jews do not understand why the Germans distinct thousands of their generations. God still saved them, because He remebered His promise to Abraham and his seed forever. The law of the Universe is what goes around comes around, and it comes like a boomerang. Commandment: V11. The sins of the parents will fall unto thy children, and unto the third and fourth generations that hate me. " Whatever in the dark hast to come to light, because the Kingdom of God is near."
This is what happened to some of the black Israelites because of insubodination with God.
As the world changes, and interracial marriage bring about extremely good looking black people that was the appearance in the beginning of times, with no faults, as the ancestors from Ethiopia." It is stated that there is no such thing as a white man, white is like snow, and there is no such thing as a Nigger, Negro, Negriod, Niggard. The word is black man or black woman. The word nigger means stigny, and a person who don't care a dam, if a Sunday falls on a Monday. Nigger, Niger is also a name of a river in West Africa.
God choses outcasts to be leaders, such as Joseph, sold by his brothers to the Egyptians to be slave, the black Egyptians Hagar her son Ishmael, Jephthah the son of a harlot, Solomon brothers did not like him, he was a half brother from Bath-she-ba, and including myself. My mother sold me to an evil man at 15 years of age that rape me countless time; because I was prophesing and everything I told her it came to past. She was afraid of her dark secret that it may revealed. The man was paid to take me out of the country or killed me, but God save me for His purpose.
Esau and Jacob created many different types of races from Caucasian, Black, Spanish, Chinese, Mexican, Indian etc. Queen of Sheba is a good example of the type of people resided in Ethiopia. Sudan and Egypt was a country that had no borders; their people all entangled, and migrate from one end of Sudan to the other end of Egypt. Black Egyptians and red-white Egyptians were rulers, Kings and Queens, after thousand of years life changes. The Europeans started the name calling of red- white people, and black -negros and Niggers. In the ancient times it was about intelligence, power, spiritual Knowledge, and wisdom; it was not the color of your skin.
In todays society we are experiencing countless random shootings, and unnecessary killings that taking place in the world, and why! It is revealed that is what the ancestors had done to other innocent people, comes back to hunt the modern generations. Whatever is done in the past hast to returned, it is the Law of the Universe. Once we understand this law, we must protect the next inheritance from this curse. Commandment:11. Love one another, and do unto others as you may like them to do unto you. " It is written the sins of the parents will fall unto the children, and unto the third and fourth generations that hate me.
In regards to historical evidence that 17th century England was familiar with the black man from South Sahara Africa. The people of Sudan were called "Cush" by the ancient Egyptian and Hebrews. They were called 'Ethiopians' by the Greeks, 'Nubians' by the Christians in the 6th century A.D Bidad, as Sudan. " The land of the black.' by the Arab Muslims in 700 A.D And "negroes, and Niggers by later Europeans." The black presence was part of the English and colonial scene, but these people were not called 'Ethiopians' but negroes. Nevertheless, even though the King James translators in 1611 were aware of the geographical homeland of these black people in the Bible, they called them Ethiopians.' For the term "Ethiopia' did not image a black man to the red-white man reader, that imaged red -white man in blackish color' due to the hair texture, skin color, Arabian heritages and geographical location of the Ethiopian people.
This is the true history of black people, and they should never call themselves Negros, the word is black man or black woman. The Negro or Nigger from the Europeans to identify black people that they are not intelligent. The Europeans do not understand we all came from Adam and Eve that produces children identifying the earth color black and red. Example of the trees, they multiplied themselves and produces other different types of trees. The nations begun with Easu and Jacob two twin brothers, one red-white, one black, they struggle in theirs mother's womb, and still fighting today to be the head, and not the tail. The battle will continue untill the end of times, and what happened in the beginning, will happened at the ending, and this is the Law of the Universe.
The message of Angel Garbriel refered us back to the time of Noah's generations our ancestors; with all the technologies our behaviour allocates us back to the ancient days. Angel Garbriel said, " Tell the people that destruction shall come unto them, because they are too hardened just like in Noah's time. To pray as they never pray before, because the Kingdom Of God is near and to read Mathew: 24 Verase 6-51'


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