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Marie Bethel

Fashion Designer Marie Bethel was born in Trinidad, educated in Trinidad, Canada, USA, and United Kingdom. She has obtained a buisness-account diploma, while attending Alberta Vocational College graduating as a Nurse. She went on to having a successful nursing career. Aside from working as a Nu...

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11/19/2014 03:55pm
The Message - Revelation

I kept the messages for many years, afraid that people will think I am crazy, at that time I was a nurse and afraid that I will loss my nursing license. I did not have enough faith that God will protect me all the time. I felt as though people will not believe me, and Satan finish weaken my faith, by coming to my bedroom one night in the form of a huge black Serpent, standing from the floor to the ceiling. Satan said," they will not believe you." Then I heard a man's voice shouted out, 'Satan get behind thee.' Yet still I was weak and terrify to talk to people; very concerned that they will assume that I was losing my mind. I was a single divorce parent with three children to support, and scared that I will loss my job as a nurse. I kept my mouth shut, but suffered severely from disobedience. God would have protected me as He is doing right now.
I have to inform the world about God because I have a duty and oath to tell the people about God; whether they believe me or not. I have nothing to loose, and do not want the burden on my shoulder anymore. I have been punished and suffered great consequence. I am scared of God. I have a charge to keep, and have to tell the people about the Commandments, the Angel's and Prophetess messages; because the Kingdom of God is near. God crowned me, and name me 'Queen of the Earth' and He said," I have to bring the people back."
God is a man, and you serve Him in Spirit and truth. He has a very distinct voice that is so powerful that you cannot forget. I have never seen God, but he showed me signs and wonders, and I knew His voice; no one ever sees God and lived, not even His servant Moses. Exodus: 33-20. God has Seventy-two names; He said," tell them my name is Jehovah." He told me not to called Him God, their are two many gods, called Him 'Abba.'
God send Angel Garbriel to give this message for the people. " The people are too hardened just like in Noah's time, and destruction shall come unto thy people. Read Mathew 24: 6-51. Tell them to pray as they never pray before; because the Kingdom of God is near." Man cannot destroy this world, but he will destroy himself."
God have plans for mankind, He wants us to obey His Commandments, and walk in His laws; and He will guide us. God will not destroy the world for man sake, I heard Him said, ' He will not destroy the animals, but He will destroy the humans, and black is primitive and so it shall be in the beginning, so it shall be in the ending. He is not refering to education, but primitive means first, and they will be the last to leave the earth. Commandment LXX-70:- Thou shalt know I make a covenant unto thy fathers that I will not destroy every living things: For I am the Lord thy God.

In 1991 in a vision during the summer month, I heard God talking from heaven; ' I will send a plague unto thy people, that they will not able to come out of their houses.' I asked God why did He destroy Hattie and New Orleans, and He said, 'it is too much evil, and the earth was corrupted, and it needed cleansing.' Angels do not have wings; they ascend and descend; but Satan and his demons have wings.

The Jews are not the only chosen people, the Jews were always Jews and nothing else but Jews; a few were real Israelites. The Israelites were a nation, Black, Caucasian, Spanish, Indians, Chinese, Canadian Indians, American Indians, the Mexicans etc. The Elders of the Jews ran them out of Jerusalem and killed most of them becaus of their skin color. If you were their complexion, you can stay in Jerusalem, so most of these tribes ran for their life; and were scattered abroad, and do not know who they are? They are the lost tribes. That is is the reason why the Jews did not like Jesus, because he was a mix-breed, and they did not believe in his teaching of Scriptures. They condem him, and tried him for sorcery, and he was slew and hanged on a tree. Acts 10:34-41.
This is the reason why some of the Scriptures were lost. Jesus send this message for the people, Tell the people, " they are calling my name, calling my name, do they really believe in me? If ten people are going to church only two believe in him." If they knew he is a mix-breed they will not believe in him.
The first people on earth were black people. They weret lost and driven away because of their disobedient. They will be the last to leave the earth. The first shall be last, and the last shall be the first.
Their were giants on the earth, such as King Nimrod. I met a giant in a vision, and he had the weight of two tons of long heavy iron chains twisted together in his hands. He was tall, husky, dark muscular, but good looking man, His voice was like thunder. He went into the forest to find his brother, and he uses a heavy iron chains to clear the pathway, breaking down tall bushes, and trees, and I was walking behind him. He went to a tomb, and swung the chains and broke open the door of the tomb, he asked me to come into the tomb with him, and I refused. Because I saw a monument on the tomb's door, a lady head with multiple snakes on her head. I stood behind the tomb's wall. He said, 'she will help me find my brother.' He went into the tomb I heard him talking to a woman. When he came out, " he said she gave me this small brown bottle with some liquid to find my brother. I shall threw it up in the air, and when he did that, the solution make a window, and he saw his brother lying on the ground in the forest, he was wounded. God send me to these places so I can learn about the old world and educate the people. This is a woman that the Holy Spirit tomb her, she was a bad sorcerer. God was showing me how the people beieve in black magic, and evil.

I met Jesus several times, Jesus is a tall bronze good looking man, with long black straight hair. He has a very soft distinct voice. I went to heaven three times in my visions, It is a peaceful place, and the fruit trees are so low, that I picked a fruit it was golden on the outside and white inside, and it was manna, and I ate it. The road to heaven is a narrow dirt road, and on my way to heaven I admired the beautiful flowers, and fruit trees. The first time I went to heaven I climbed a grape tree that led to some big wide stairs, and their were soldiers on both sides of the stair-case. I ran up the stairs quickly avoiding the soilders, and came into a huge hallway leading to a large room. I saw some men sitting on some benches around a table, they were all wearing brown hooded gown, and I shouted out, " who is Jesus, A tall brown skin man stood up, and he said, ' I am Jesus.'

I ran into his arms, I said, ' Jesus look what they have done to me.' He took my hand and we walked through a large corridor; immediately I became a little girl and was wearing a long brown dress with long sleeves, and a wreath of pink roses on my head, and Jesus said, 'little flower girl you remind me of David, and you will sit on my Father's right hand. We stood on the clouds, and Jesus said, ' little flower girl look down at earth, and see that old black serpent wrapped himself around all the houses on earth. When I looked down on earth there were no roofs on the houses, and we can see everything into the houses; and the serpent spread himself around the houses. Jesus had given this message for the people. "Jesus said, 'tell the people Satan is loosed.'

To go to Hell you must have a ticket, the ticket is 666. I will never forget my experience in Hell; the first one I saw was Satan, and he grabbed a young woman and he had oral sex with her. It was terrible; the sounds Satan makes is like when swines are eating their food. I was so scared that I hid myself behind a large pillar; afraid that he might attack me.

Then I went into another gate, and I saw people lying on a table. A huge hot presser came down on the people, and when it raises up, the people screamed out in extreme pain; and this went on constantly all day.
I visited another gate, and saw a man chopping up people, and the people screaming out in agony. The man at the gate who was doing the chopping, he said, ' this is gate 12, the last gate of Hell. I cut up people all day long, and he said, ' I have a message for the people up there on earth, 'tell the people, all who is cutting up people up there, I am waiting for them when they come down here.'

When I tried to leave Hell, and board the bus, and showed the conductor my ticket. ' He said you have the wrong ticket; you have to go back down there.' The ticket marked 666. I could not wait to get out of Hell, and God send a red carpet spreading from Hell to Earth; and I walked on it, and it took me back to earth.

I was taught to read and write, languages that were lost and the Holy Spirit called it ' Phoenicians.' I saw writings on the wall as I lay in my bed at nights, and starred at the writings for many hours until it disappeared, but did not understand it. The first word the Holy Spirit taught me to write was (The) the teacher of inspector of writing said, 'congratulation, excellent work!' These are some of the words I saw on my bedroom wall.
I read these writing on the wall one night, and I have written it in my dream book.
1. Jarsavil - O great God
2. Santos Pedro - St. Peter
3. Crackadanka - bed
4. Nabob - careful
5. The Ominipotent of God.
I learned this song from the Angelic beings. Wa ma cha cha be de Messiah. Ding dan dey be do. It is a very niece song.
The first time I met Angel Garbriel, I was terrified. It was 1985, during the summer month I departed from work at 11 pm, and arrived at home 11:55; and by the time I settled into bed it was about 1 am. I was sleeping when awaken by a man's voice shouting extremely loud, he said, ' the people are too harened just like in Noah's time, and he kept on repeating it in a roaring voice.'
At first I taught I was dreaming, but the sound of his voice seems to be coming from above the ceiling. I opened my eyes and saw a huge sword coming down towards me, and the sword pierece into my leg. I screamed out in pain, and shouted out now I have proof that they visit me at nights. I then pulled my sheets off to examine my leg, but there was no laceration, and nothing was wrong with my leg.

I was so scared that I pulled my sheets over my head and tremble with fear. I was afraid, and felt the urgency to go to the toilet; and realized that I will wet my bed, and I shivered with freight. Then he said, ' do not be afraid, and you must go to the bathroom.' I came out of the bed with my eyes half way closed and stumbled into the washroom, and could not stop voiding, I probably excrete over 500cc of urine that night. I felt as though I could not stop, and so afraid that my legs were shaking terribly.

I knew he was sitting next to the bed, so I walked back to my bed with my eyes half way close in a hurry, and threw the sheets over my body quickly covering from head to toe. He said, ' do not be afraid, and he spoke to me about an Angelic signet that I have drawn at my aunt's back yard when I was fifteen years old. He mentioned about my old silver dollar coin, and asked me to make the signet on the coin for protection against evil forces.
He said," His name is Angel Garbriel, and to tell the people destruction shall come unto them, because the people are to harden just like in Noah's time. To pray as they never pray before, because the Kingdom of God is near, and that man cannot destroy this world but himself; and to read Mathew 24:6-51. Tell them my nameis not Angel Gaybriel but Garbriel." the next morning I told my daughter, called all my family members, and friends, and told them what had happened to me,and informed them about the Angel's message.


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