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Sue Slater

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Silicone Oven Gloves
Kitchen Must-Haves- Silicone Gloves
Cooking is probably one of your favorite pastimes and allows you to make decadent desserts and amazing dishes for your close family and friends. Chances are you probably have many different kitchen tools and appliances that make cooking so much easier. This includes items like a standing mixer or even a cutting board. Not only do you need kitchen tools that make cooking faster, but also kitchen items that make cooking safer. Silicone gloves are a must-have kitchen item for any cook, no matter your skill level. If you have to remove hot pans and dishes from your oven or microwave you need silicone gloves that provide optimal heat protection. Burns in the kitchen can be pretty common when you use flimsy pot holders. However, silicone is the kitchen safety answer that will keep you from experiencing pain and burns.
Palm Protection
The reason silicone gloves are so unique begins and ends with the one-of-a-kind design. They offer palm protection that protects the most sensitive area of your hand from intense heat. This enables you to grab hot pans and dishes with more control, which minimizes accidents and spills in the kitchen. The intense dispersed into the handle will be no match for high quality silicone gloves. The amount of direct skin contact you have with silicone gloves will be minimized for good. Not only is your entire hand and Palm protected, but the unique design of these silicone gloves also protects your wrist and forearm from heat. Since they come available in pairs of two, you will be able to grab heavy pans and casserole dishes right from the oven with ease.
Full Range of Movement
Traditional potholders can be a bit restrictive and only offer small amount of heat protection. However, silicone gloves allow you to still bend and twist your hands in any way you need to. They are comfortable to wear and are not restrictive in any way. The best part is that they are machine washable and are designed by Kitchen Ezentials to last. This is one kitchen item that you need to have around when it starts to get hot in your kitchen. These silicone gloves can take the heat and are designed to provide the safety you need when cooking.
Cooking with your oven, grill or microwave requires a strong grip that can only come from heat and flame resistant silicone gloves. They come in a fashionable pink color that is ideal for anyone wanting to look their very best in the kitchen. These fashionable pink silicone gloves look great in your kitchen and offer the type of heat protection that you really need.
Kitchen Safety Should be a Priority
Cooking in your kitchen can be enjoyable and allow you to bake delicious dishes for your friends and family, but you also need to maintain safety when cooking. It doesn't really matter if you are baking with your oven, cooking on your grill or heating for with your microwave. The fact is that you need to protect your hands from the heat and ensure that you can cook without having to worry about accidents or spills. While wearing specially designed silicone gloves, you can keep the heat at bay.
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