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Sue Slater

Silicone Oven Gloves Kitchen Must-Haves- Silicone Gloves Cooking is probably one of your favorite pastimes and allows you to make decadent desserts and amazing dishes for your close family and friends. Chances are you probably have many different kitchen tools and appliances that make cooking so m...

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12/07/2014 01:08am
Cooking With Silicone Gloves

Cooking With Silicone Gloves
Oven mittens and potholders are an essential kitchen item that you must have handy when you are cooking or grilling. Since cooking or grilling requires one to work with high temperatures, you need kitchen tools that are designed to offer heat protection. It seems like kitchen tools are getting enhanced each day and the new alternative to traditional potholders are silicone gloves. Silicone gloves are quickly becoming popular due to their unique design and the of heat protection they provide. Pink silicone gloves sold by Kitchen Ezentials are designed to minimize the occurrence of minor burns caused by intense heat or contact with your freezer wall. The rubber on the gloves block the transfer of heat. This is different from traditional potholders that actually absorb heat. No matter how many different layers of cloth potholders you use, it is almost impossible to duplicate the level of heat protection that silicone gloves provide.
All-Over Protection
Since silicone gloves fit snuggly on your hand and cover your wrist, forearms and hand completely, there is no exposed skin that can potentially be burned. This means that accidental burns from brushing your hand against a hot rack, wall or oven door will be a thing of the past. Accidents in the kitchen are hard to avoid, but if you are wearing silicone gloves you have the ability to protect your skin from painful burns. You can cook and grill without worry and can handle pans and hot pots without a second thought. The amount of control you will have with the unique gripped ridges on the silicone gloves allows you to have a firm hold every time.
Limit the Risk of Kitchen Fires
Research shows that many accidental kitchen fires can be linked to the use of cloth potholders that are left too close to an active stove. However, silicone gloves are the complete opposite of cloth potholders and are designed to be flame resistant. They are made of unique materials that do not burst into flames. Simply trading in your cloth potholders for a pair of fashionable pink silicone gloves will allow you to lower the chance of fire risk in your kitchen. Cooking or grilling can be fun and enjoyable, but only if safety is made a priority.
The material of these Kitchen Ezentials silicone gloves is what sets them apart from other kitchen-related items. What makes these silicon gloves so unique is that they offer ultimate heat protection for temperatures up to 480 degrees. The materials that these kitchen gloves are made of include both Kevlar and DuPont. These materials are used to make both military and aerospace protection equipment, giving you the highest quality and can be trusted to offer an adequate amount of protection. These silicone gloves offer one of the highest safety ratings on the market and are designed to be flame resistant. Worrying about the potential risk of kitchen fires will be a thing of the past when you use silicone gloves.


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