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Sue Slater

Silicone Oven Gloves Kitchen Must-Haves- Silicone Gloves Cooking is probably one of your favorite pastimes and allows you to make decadent desserts and amazing dishes for your close family and friends. Chances are you probably have many different kitchen tools and appliances that make cooking so m...

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12/07/2014 01:05am
Beat the heat with Silicone Gloves

The kitchen is a place where you can bake your latest creations and experiment with new recipes and flavors. The possibilities are endless with a wide variety of dishes from casseroles and pastas to pies and other sweet treats. Even though your kitchen can be a place of delicious smells, you also need to take precautions when you are baking to maintain safety. When you are making your timeless family recipes or heating your next meal for dinner, it is essential that you protect your hands against heat. When you are cooking, microwaving or baking, the temperatures that your bare skin can be exposed to can cause both pain and damage.
If you want to make safety a priority in your kitchen, you must have a pair of silicone gloves on hand that are designed to protect you from high cooking or grilling temperatures. These silicone gloves sold by Kitchen Essentials are designed to be used when cooking and have all the features that make them both functional and safe. Instead of grabbing for a traditional potholder that doesn't quite do the trick, you need your very own pair of pink silicone gloves for your kitchen.
Heat Protection You Can Count On
If you have ever been burned by your oven or grill while cooking, you know how important it is to maintain safety. This means that you need compete heat protection for your hands and wrists when you are removing hot pans from the oven or grilling over an open flame. What makes these silicon gloves so unique is that they offer ultimate heat protection for temperatures up to 480 degrees. The materials these kitchen gloves are made of include both Kevlar and DuPont. These materials are so different, because they are the same ones used to make both military and aerospace protection equipment.
This means they are of the highest quality and can be trusted to offer adequate amounts of protection. These silicone gloves offer one of the highest safety ratings on the market and are designed to be flame resistant. This means that you can move through your kitchen with ease, even when you are handling hot casserole dishes just out of the oven.
Two Gloved Protection
Traditional potholders only protect one hand and are especially flimsy. However, with a pair of silicone gloves designed for kitchen use, you can ensure that both your hands are equally protected from heat. You will no longer have to try and lift hot, heavy dishes with just one hand. Now you can maintain safety in the kitchen with gloves designed to minimize kitchen accidents or spills. The best part of the heat protection that they provide is that it covers more of your skin. Now your wrists and forearms are protected from potential heat burns as well. It is now so much easier to cook and move throughout your kitchen.
Grip All Kitchenware
The unique design of the silicone kitchen gloves allows you to keep a firm grip on any type of pan or dish. The five finger design allows you to get a firm grip every time. This can come in handy when you are grilling and need to remove hot items. No matter the dish or temperature, you will be able to get a good grip and maintain control of hot items.



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