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Sue Slater

Silicone Oven Gloves Kitchen Must-Haves- Silicone Gloves Cooking is probably one of your favorite pastimes and allows you to make decadent desserts and amazing dishes for your close family and friends. Chances are you probably have many different kitchen tools and appliances that make cooking so m...

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11/21/2014 06:37pm
Heat Resistant Gloves Vs Potholders

Heat Resistant Gloves Vs Potholders
Traditional cloth potholders might be inexpensive, but they do not offer the level of heat protection that is required when dealing with high temperatures. Cooking and grilling requires you to remove dishes and pans that are intensely hot and while fabric made potholders are easy to find, they do not work as well as silicone gloves. Silicone gloves are specifically designed to protect your hands, wrists and forearms from any heat given off by your microwave, grill or oven. These protective covers allow you to remove pans and dishes with ease no matter how hot the handles have become.
There are many unique qualities of silicone gloves that make them the ideal choice over cloth potholders:
Do Not Absorb Heat
Cloth potholders absorb heat, which makes them hotter the longer that you grip/hold hot handles or surfaces. However, silicone gloves sold by Kitchen Ezentials are made of unique materials that are designed to not absorb heat and actually work to block the transfer of heat. You will not feel an ounce of heat or pain when you are wearing silicone gloves and gripping hot handles directly from the oven. The flexible material that the pink silicone gloves are made from allows them to twist and move freely. You can still move your wrists and maintain full control of all dishes and pans. The unique design of the silicone gloves also have raised bumps and ridges that allow for optimal grip control. You won’t have to worry about spills and accidents in the kitchen any more. Even if you are cooking with baking sheets or griller pans, you can still have great control and a firm grip.
Perfect Fit and FDA Approved
Using gloves instead of traditional potholders gives you complete protection for your entire hand, wrist and forearm and are designed to give you a perfect fit. You can choose the size that best fits your hand. Burns can be unsightly and painful, but you won’t have to worry about them once you start using your very own pair of silicone gloves. These gloves are approved by the FDA, which means they are safe for use when handling fresh ingredients before you begin cooking or grilling.
Flame Resistant
Another benefit that silicone gloves have over traditional potholder is their resistance to flames. Unlike cloth potholders, they will not burst into flames when they are exposed to fire. Kitchen fires are common and you need kitchen items that are designed to increase the amount of flame protection. If you want your kitchen to be safe, it is essential that you trade in your traditional cloth potholders for a pair of flame and heat resistant pink silicone gloves. It is better to be safe rather than sorry, especially in the kitchen.
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