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Sharrick Jennifer

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Show Me Decorating

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The combo team of Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are sisters, best friends, creative entrepreneurs and partners of a “one of a kind” holiday store called Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in the dusty oil town of Midland, TX.
This whimsical, seasonal store is named after their grandmother Martha Cayce Bauman who inspired the girls to make memories through traditions, family gatherings and holiday decorating! Her influence and their parents support & encouragement propelled the two to become entrepreneurs at a young age.
Their retail store has been open in their hometown for almost 30 years. Customers come from near and far to ooh and ahh over the Halloween, Fall and Christmas merchandise from all over the world, eat a warm sugar cookie and sip a free soft drink while they shop! Themed Christmas trees and vignettes from funky fun to traditional elegance are from floor to ceiling and in every nook and cranny. Specialty home décor and custom floral wreaths, arrangements and decorated garlands are displayed and waiting to go home with you. All the tempting floral, ribbon, balls & supplies are available for the do-it-yourselfer.
The success and limitations of a brick and mortar store led the girls to form a “sister” business called Show Me Decorating that allows
Becky, Kathy and San Antonio sister Jennifer to spread their passion for creating, inspiring and educating others to decorate like a professional.
Show Me Decorating started with a DVD & guidebook (still available) and is now an APP for the iPhone & iPad. Their mission is to “save the world” from ugly Christmas trees by supplying know-how and great product from their online shop that mixes with anyone’s own treasures to create magical memories for your family.
The Show Me Decorating techniques and the experience of their creative talents will help you be the designer. Through step by step visuals, guides and access to awesome product,people from all over the world can have the confidence and direction to Wow their friends and family!
The sister’s work has been featured in Southern Living, Texas Monthly, Lawn & Garden Retailer, Gifts & Decorative Accessories and recently was picked as the cover story for Selling Christmas Decorations. Kathy, Becky and Jennifer are regulars on the San Antonio Living television show and have been the guest speakers for Americas Mart Atlanta and Dallas Market Center. They also speak and demonstrate for ladies organizations, events, charities & churches.
While they and their crew of talented “elves” have decorated thousands of Christmas trees and homes using the Show Me Decorating techniques, the most famous was the 15’ tree at the state capitol in Austin, Texas. The team had that pleasure and privilege for 6 years. Becky and Kathy love nothing more than spreading this “how to cheer” with anyone who will listen, watch, and learn.


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